Newsletter 6th October 2015

  Audax Queensland
The LONG DISTANCE cycling club
Newsletter 6 October 2015

I hope everyone had a great long weekend, the weather certainly provided opportunity to get out and about and enjoy the many and varied roads on offer in SEQLD. Myself, a leisurely ride through the seven sisters just out of Redland Bay before taking on West Mt Cotton Road and the climb to the summit proper followed by that nasty sting up to the quarry. For those that known the road will know what I mean.
If you have taken the opportunity to look at our calendar, the coming weeks provides a wonderful opportunity for those riders looking to either ride as a group or for new riders looking to take on their first 100 km 200 km with guaranteed company then either Low & High (200 km BUAF on 17 October) or Mulgowie Meander (100 km BUAF 1st November) will suit you to a tee.
Both rides are designated as UAF rides.
UAF Rides
UAF Audax brevets are group rides and are known in Europe as Euraudax, or in Australia as Brevet UAF (BUAF).  
The longest regularly held Euraudax brevet is the Paris-Brest-Paris Audax, run  every five years by the UAF (Union des Audax Français).
BUAF brevets are generally 100km, 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, 600 km or 1,000 km long and are tests of consistency and as well as endurance. Brevets greater than 300 km have longer scheduled stops at night.
The main aim of a BUAF brevet is to have an even-paced group ride, maintaining an average speed of 22.5 kph and adhering to a published schedule.
Start together, ride together, finish together  is the goal of a BUAF ride. Groups of riders follow nominated Peloton Leaders, who maintain an appropriate pace to achieve the ride schedule and make all decisions regarding ride conduct and safety.

Night riding is  minimised, and riders should only cycle alone from causes beyond their control (mechanical or physical difficulty).
We have 2 Queensland UAF rides coming up in the next 4 weeks. Ride one or both to enjoy the experience of an Audax group ride.   
We hope to see you on one of these rides which as mentioned provides an excellent opportunity to ride with friends and colleagues as a collective group and enjoy good company whilst engaging in your passion.
 Ride Report
 A couple of ride reports this week, one from Peter Watson covering his experience on Wonders of Glorious Mee and the other from a PBP ancien Mark Riley.
This Weekend 
MalenyMee – Saturday 10 October 2015
A scenic ride including Mt Mee, Maleny and the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Start:                           Ferny Hills
Start Time:                   6am
Costs:                          $6 members / $16 non members
Distances:                    300 km BRM
Supported:                   No
Lighting Rules Apply:     Yes

 Contact Brian Hornby on 0418 711 417 or email

Upcoming Rides
Low & High UAF – Saturday 17 October 2015
A supported ride on relatively quiet country roads starting at Middle Park & taking in Peak Crossing (cooked breakfast), Rosewood (morning tea in the park), Glamorgan Vale Hotel (counter meal at a lovely county pub – to be paid for on the day by each rider) and back to Middle Park for a cold beverage.
This is a great opportunity for new and experienced audaxers to chat, share experiences and generally just take in the scenery at a relaxed pace. Riding speed is just 22.5 kph for the entire peleton so if you haven’t ventured on a 200 km ride before, this may be the time.
Look forward to seeing you all for a fun day on the bike.

Start:                           12 Kellan Place, Middle Park
Start Time:                   6:00am
Costs:                          $25 members / $35 non members
Distances:                    200 km UAF
Supported:                   Yes
Lighting Rules Apply:     Yes

Contact Chris Richardson on 0433 210 996 or email
South of the Border – Saturday 24 October 2015
Enjoy a brief sojourn riding around the border district amongst rain-forest & mountains whilst same time enjoying beautiful Spring weather. Final ride in the Polka Series.
Enjoy a coffee and cake at the lovely Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park/Cafe at the top of the range.
 Start:                           Boonah
Start Time:                   6am
Costs:                          $16 members / $26 non members
Distances:                    100 km BA & 200 km BRM
Supported:                   No
Lighting Rules Apply:     Yes to the 200 km BRM only
Contact Rodney Clarke on 0411 699 661 or email
Mulgowie Meander UAF – Sunday 1 November 2015
From Rosewood over the Grandchester Range past Mulgowie and Thornton then return. Group ride speed 22.5 kph
Start:                           Rosewood
Start Time:                   7am
Costs:                          $10 members / $20 non members
Distances:                    100 km BUAF
Supported:                   No
Lighting Rules Apply:     No
Contact Vaughan Kippers on 07 3376 6761 or email
Middle Park Medley 1 – Saturday 7 November 2015
Flattish course away from the traffic of Brisbane with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600km taking in the scenic rim & the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys.
Start:                           Middle Park
Start Time:                   6am
Costs:                          $6 members / $16 non members
Distances:                    100 km BA, 200,300,400 & 600 BRMs
Supported:                   No
Lighting Rules Apply:     Only to 200 km and above distances
Contact Chris Richardson on 0433 210 996 or email
B-P-B – Saturday 14 November 2015
A moderately challenging 200 from Brighton to Peachester via Mt Mee the easy way returning by a flatter route. An abbreviated April Animation.
Start:                           Brighton
Start Time:                   7am
Costs:                          $26 members / $36 non members
Distances:                    200 BRM
Supported:                   Yes
Lighting Rules Apply:     Yes
Contact Peter Jenkins on 0407 149 375 or email
For further information on any rides or on Audax Australia simply visit .
Rodney Clarke
Audax Queensland Communication Officer
Queensland Region, Audax Australia
Facebook Group         Facebook Page       Audax Australia Web Site
The items expressed in this email are those of the writer and not of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc or Audax Queensland. You have been sent this message as you are currently on the Audax Queensland database as being interested in long distance cycling.
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