Newsletter 3/11/15

Mulgowie Meander UAF

Ride News:

Last Sunday, the Happy New Audax Year was celebrated with the Mulgowie Meander UAF 100. Present were AnneL, ChrisR, RosieG, VaughanK. It was always going to be a tough gig getting the numbers on the morning after the World Cup final. …. chapeau all and RO Vaughan (Dino’s question: Were they all financial)?

The previous week seven riders turned up for South of the Border: DuncanP, PeterW (210km) and PaulH, PhilC, RodneyC, Romano, Scott (120km) to experience the ascent to Queen Mary Falls via Spring Creek Road. It’s a spectacular climb (topping out at 1026m) along quiet roads with only the occasional cattle hazard. (RO RodneyC provided pic below). Rodney has rated the climb as #2 in his top 5 SE Qld climbs. You can read about the others in the full ride report.

Ride report

Newsletter News:

Some of you may not have received the last fortnight’s newsletter, but the Audax mailing list has now been updated. All past newsletters are at the AudaxQLD web site here. I have added to this website a Flèche Opperman page on which all Queensland Oppy teams are listed together with all the Oppy ride reports I have found.

Member News:

PJ celebrated the new Audax year in fine style by kissing the ground in a special road/face interaction:
However, the bike was fine.

Other News:


Brisbane’s bicycle user groups and community cycling organisations have come together to create and work toward a vision for Brisbane where it is easy, convenient, and safe for people of all ages and abilities to walk or ride to their destination.
Targeting the Brisbane City Council election in 2016, #space4cyclingBNE is a city shaping campaign aiming to make a better, more liveable, dynamic and vibrant city for all. They aim to have positive impacts both in the short term and far into the future, protecting and enhancing the relaxed lifestyle that Brisbane is known for.
If you live within the BCC area, please add your support by visiting the website and clicking the “Count me in” button. The more people we have signed up to the campaign, the stronger our voice as we lobby local Councilors and candidates to support the infrastructure and conditions that will encourage more people to choose cycling as a regular means of transport.

Other Other News:

Anyone interested in helping support the Midnight Century to be held on Sat night(Sun morning) Nov 28th 2015, please contact Rodney (Contact details below).

Upcoming Ride News:

MPM1: Middle Park Medley 1 This is the “bread and butter” of SE Qld Audax rides. A smorgasbord of distances to choose from, riders share a common route for as far as possible. The inaugural running of this ride last year proved unforgettable (ride report here) and this series runs four times a year. So don’t just ride it once, collect all distances for a MPM super series. Details below.

BPB: Brighton-Peachester-Brighton Yes, this is the one you’ve all heard about: starting and finishing in that far distant city of Brighton. (aka AAAA: An Abbreviated April Animation). “A moderately challenging 200 from Brighton to Peachester via Mt. Mee the easy way, and returning by a flatter route.” It has a pleasant 2 km of dirt, that Peter assures me didn’t cause his accident. Details below.

Upcoming Rides:

Middle Park Medley 1 – Saturday 7 November 2015

Flattish course away from the traffic of Brisbane with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600km taking in the scenic rim & the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys.

Start: Middle Park; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 100 BA, 200, 300, 400 & 600 BRMs
Route 100:
Route 200:
Route 300:
Route 400:
Route 600(400+200):
Route 600(350+250):
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes to 200 km and above
Contact: Chris Richardson (0433 210 996 /

B-P-B – Saturday 14 November 2015

A moderately challenging 200 from Brighton to Peachester via Mt Mee the easy way returning by a flatter route. An abbreviated April Animation.

Start: Brighton; 7:00 am
Costs: $26 members / $36 non members
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375 /

Freedom Ride 300 – Saturday 21 November 2015

A scenic ride around the mountains North West of Brisbane. Ferny Hills, Ipswich, Lowood, Esk, Kilcoy, Caboolture returning to Ferny Hills

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 300 BRM
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418 711 417 /

Midnight Century – Saturday Nov 28th 2015

Start at midnight and ride through the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys to finish on Sunday morning in Ipswich for breakfast at Brothers Leagues Club

Start: Ipswich 11:59 pm
Costs: $45 members / $55 non members
Distances: 160 BA
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Rodney Clarke (0411 699 661 /

Bedrock – Saturday Dec 5th 2015

Scenic rides starting at Ferny Hills.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 100 BA, 200 BRM
Route 100:
Route 200:
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes, 200k only
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418 711 417 /

For further information, see the on-line ride calendar at:
Mark Riley (
Audax Queensland Communication Officer

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