Newsletter: 5th January 2016


Ride News – 11 out of 11:

On New Years day, the “Eleven out of eleven” ride had twelve riders nursing their New Years heads as they crossed all 11 rideable bridges across the Brisbane river at least once (as least as far upstream as Centenary bridge) .

Simon wisely choose the final checkpoint to be Belmont bar for some hair of the dog. Some old faces, some new, some borrowed, some green blue: David Booth, Michael Clare, Craig Estwick, Peter Jamandijevic, Peter Jenkins, Andrew Keith, Gavin McCurley, Dino Morgante, Glenn Pethley, Mark Riley, Cindy Stringer, Peter Watson.

In her 2nd Audax ride, Cindy introduced two first-time riders Craig & Glenn. And thus we have another “new-rider-ride-report”:

Ride Report: 11 out of 11 – Glenn Pethley


The New Year

With the start of the New Year there naturally come promises and resolutions. Do you have yours? No? Luckily I have pre-prepared a few for you. In 2016 make sure you:

1) Do an Oppy. Join in the FOADTT (Fleche Opperman All Day Time Trial) fun.

You know what I’m talking about. This is a worthy and totally do-able Audax aspiration. Start thinking about it now. It is an achievement that you will look back on. (link)

2) Get the bling. If you are into badges, there are new ones about for the 2016-2019 seasons. See how irresistibly shiny they are?badges

3) Wave to passing cyclists. Remember that you’re having fun.

4) Wave to passing drivers. Make sure they know that you’re having fun.

The “Minimum Overtaking Distance” (MOD) Law

The NSW government have stirred the internet hornet’s nest with a new law which requires cyclists to carry photo ID. A link to info on this and other introduced laws can be found here.

This may impact some of our rides which pass into NSW in the future, however the law will not be enforced until 1st March 2017.

At the same time NSW have also introduced the 1.0/1.5 m minimum passing rule to bring them in line with SA. (ACT and QLD are currently conducting a 2 year trial of the law.) The success of the QLD trial has probably been important in SA and NSW adopting it straight into law. It should be a remembered that the lead came from a 2013 Queensland Parliamentary inquiry into cycling safety. (link to report here, 4M pdf). Section 9: “The psychology of intolerance” in particular is worth a read.

Scott Sutherland recently posted the following picture on FaceBook:


Audax QLD committee:

The positions of Brevet Secretary and Treasurer in the Audax QLD committee are currently vacant. Audax QLD has ~100 members, of which perhaps half are active and fewer are regular participants. There is a natural cycle of this small number of active members and it is important that there is also a natural recycle of committee members. Support will be given to anyone wishing to take on either of these positions. For more info please email

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Mulgowie Moose: (16/1/16)

Due to the closure of Ma Ma Creek Cafe (again), this ride will now be fully supported (costs: $30/40). The course provided in the link below has a few small changes compared to the one given in the newsletter last fortnight. Some people have asked if they are guaranteed a sighting of the Mulgowie Moose. I guess that all depends how closely you look at the cue sheet, but I can give you a quick glimpse now:

Hinterland Musings: (23/1/16)

If you look at the course link, this new ride sells itself. But I really can’t do better than give you the words straight from Paul: ” … maybe you could remind everyone that barely anything could be more patriotic than going for a long ride in the hills on Australia Day weekend. And what better ride to celebrate all things Australian than Hinterland Musings? I’ll see you there.” (I did ask, and there is no dirt on this ride.)

Upcoming Rides:

Mulgowie Moose 200 – Saturday Jan 16th 2016

A ride on relatively quiet roads starting at Lowood and roving around the Brisbane and Lockyer Valleys.

Start: Lowood; 6:30 am
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Anne Latimer (0488 020 556 /

Hinterland Musings – Saturday Jan 23rd 2016

Multiple luscious climbs and descents in truly inspiring country make this an evocative and thought provoking ride. It is certainly a ride for the climber and for those who enjoy tremendous views.

Start: Landsborough; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Paul Witzerman (0412 402 673 /
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