Newsletter: 19th January 2016


Ride News – Mulgowie Moose:

A small miracle occurred on last weekend’s Mulgowie Moose: Gatton maximum temperature on Friday: 34oC; on Saturday: 24oC. A large turnout of 19 riders took advantage of these favorable conditions.

Andrew Bragg, Chris Ellis, Craig Estwick, Hugh Fyson, Kim Grylls, Roger Hawley, Brian Hornby, Peter Jenkins, David King, Anne Latimer, Pat Lehane, Dino Morgante, James Nitis, Glenn Pethley, Kym Raffelt, Chris Richardson, Mark Riley, Cindy Stringer, Peter Watson.

Or from my viewpoint:


The usual great support from: Anne Latimer, Col Latimer, Sue Jenkins and Sandy Vigar.

When planning for this ride, I initially turned to Queensland Rail for my transport needs:


I found out that not only was there a rail station at the Lowood start, but if difficulties arose, I could always jump on the train at Mulgowie. However I was just 60 years too late, the Laidley-Mulgowie branch line closed in 1955. It is amazing to think that “back in the day” trains used to go to so many of the Audax haunts: Kalbar, Peaks Crossing, Marburg, Samford, Dayboro, etc.

It is important that the influx of new Audax riders continues. There is no other way that I can pressurise people into writing ride reports. The following was graciously volunteered by Craig Estwick.

Ride Report: Mulgowie Moose – (It took me a while to realise that a TLA is a TLA).


Audax Queensland AGM

Here’s a date to avoid: Sunday Feb 28th 2016. Meeting at the Nundah Criterium Circuit at 7 am for some hot laps to start the 50 km AGM ride, this will be followed by the Audax QLD committee AGM starting at 10 am. I’ve never been to one of these, but I’m told this is where the machinations happen. All committee positions are vacated and are up for grabs as people rush for the door. Seriously, we are a small club and need to share the load. Currently we are looking for a somebody to take the position of Treasurer. For further info about what is involved please email

Audax Alpine Classic

Tailwinds to the riders going south to the Alpine Classic this Sunday with rides from 60 km to 320 km on offer. If you have the bandwidth check a great video of the event here.

Correspondence News

Happenings at Trevor Gosbell (Checkpoint editor) provided links to Queensland Greens cycling plan for Brisbane from Ben Pennings (Greens’ candidate for Lord Mayor).

1) Separate bike lanes in the CBD (such as exists in Sydney): (link).

2) Fixing CityCycle (including tap and go payment): (link).

CBDBikePathsGeorge St

Greens’ policies, if any good, often get picked up by the main parties. “The Greens’ plan would be fully paid through scrapping Brisbane City Council’s $2.4 million executive bonus scheme. Highly paid executives should not be given big bonuses just for doing their jobs.” -Hmmm, maybe this idea won’t be picked up.

New NSW laws: Several people commented favorable on the split 1/1.5 m passing rule. And there seems to be some back-pedalling on the compulsory photo ID to be introduced in NSW: It now only applies to 18+ year olds and it is now good enough to just have a photo of your ID/license on your phone.

Cycling Brisbane: Cycling Brisbane have sent us a sponsor update that can be read here. We also have the opportunity to have a booth at the Velo City Expo at the Mt Coot-tha Burn (starting from $1250).

The Captain

Those of you with long memories may recall the 29/10/13 Newsletter, where it was announced that “The Captain” had succumbed to injuries sustained in a rock fall while spelunking in Belize. Further news has recently come to light. “The Captain” dictated a 15 digit number shortly before he expired which has turned out to be a safety deposit box number in a Swiss bank. Apparently “The Captain” had off-shore mining interests (explaining his presence in Belize), and it has turned out that the deposit box contains a fortune. Unfortunately the mining was data-mining and the fortune is in BitCoin.

Nevertheless and notwithstanding, an attached note states “The contents herewithin are for the sole use by the Audax Queensland Newsletter.” Apart from the piles of BitCoin, the safety deposit box also contained a 5 1/4″ floppy disk labelled: “Future newsletter contributions”.

Unfortunately the disk itself appears to have files that contain electronic gibberish. It may be a code. If anyone wants to try and decipher any of the files, please let me know and I will send them to you. They are beyond my abilities. I am hopeful that we may yet hear from “The Captain” from beyond the grave.

The Secret Pro

The Captain’s identity was, and still is, a secret and it is only fitting that the monies resulting from his data mining endeavors be put towards the following reader-based competition: “The Secret Pro”.

Every fortnight I will give a picture of a Secret Pro in the newsletter. The first person to contact me ( – GO!) with the correct identity of the Secret Pro[1] wins. What is the prize? Well, I fortunately happen to have access to a BitCoin ATM, so I can shout you a coffee or a beer at the next ride that we a both on.

To get it rolling, we’ll start with an easy one. Who is the Secret Pro shown below?
Tour Down Under 2012

[1] The “Secret Pro” may not actually be a Pro, but will be cycling related (usually).

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Hinterland Musings: (23/1/16)

If you look at the course link, this new ride sells itself. But I really can’t do better than give you the words straight from Paul: ” … maybe you could remind everyone that barely anything could be more patriotic than going for a long ride in the hills on Australia Day weekend. And what better ride to celebrate all things Australian than Hinterland Musings? I’ll see you there.” (I did ask, and there is no not very much dirt on this ride.)

I inadvertently left out the underlined words above. There are 2 short gravel sections on this ride: Kidaman Creek Rd and Brandenburg Rd. They are good surfaces and not requiring anything special in the way of tyres. Paul has ridden the course last weekend and can be contacted (see below) for further details.

Straddie Flyer 200 UAF – (31/1/16): Note: Sunday

The inaugural Straddie Flyer will also include a 50 km BA component, for those riders that don’t wish to ride the full 200 km UAF. The 50 km route just covers the island stage and riders wanting to do this option should be at Toondah Harbour no later than 1:30 pm to ensure you meet the 2:00 pm ferry service to Dunwich. The UAF peloton riders are scheduled to arrive at Toondah Harbour at around 1:45 pm.

Ride entry fees are $6 members / $16 non members PLUS $10 Ferry Fare (return). RSVP to Rodney (both UAF and BA) by Thursday 28th January.

Upcoming Rides:

Hinterland Musings – Saturday Jan 23rd 2016

Multiple luscious climbs and descents in truly inspiring country make this an evocative and thought provoking ride. It is certainly a ride for the climber and for those who enjoy tremendous views.

Start: Landsborough; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Paul Witzerman (0412 402 673 /

Straddie Flyer 200 km UAF (and 50 km BA) – Sunday Jan 31st 2016

The coastal island of Moreton Bay offer untouched roads by AUDAX. Join in the celebration of being one of the first to do so. A group ride which includes a ferry ride to Nth Stradbroke to complete the ride. Miss the last ferry and a night on the island awaits.

Start (50 Km): Toondah Harbour 1:30 pm
Start (200 km): GJ Walter Park, Cleveland; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members + $10 for ferry
Distances: 200 UAF, 50 BA
Route (50 km)
Route (200 km)
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: 200 km UAF only
Contact: Rodney Clarke (0411 699 661 /
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