Newsletter: 16th February 2016


Ride News –

Alex Morgan and James Nitis pause during the “Esk by Night 300”. And that is not blood on Alex’s knee, just some magic tape.
What is Esk at Night like? A bit like this:


A hive of activity as they say. And all those fuzzy black dots in the sky are bats. Spooky. A bit like those Kranksy sisters. I was keen to track them down, but circumstances conspired (as they do). Dave Booth, Mark Riley (100k); Alex Morgan, James Nitis (300k) fronted. Seems I forgot my water bottles (again, opps). But James, Alex & RO Kym (probably because they knew I was riding) had brought spares…

From my viewpoint, this ride threw up a few surprises.

The biggest one was when Dave Booth informed me that he had a ride report he wanted to send to me(!!) (see below). I had barely recovered from the shock of this announcement before the Cressbrook Ck bridge replacement required some wheel-spinning dirt ascent:

The Mt Beppo rollers had a very strong headwind. As an indication how strong, look how the signs have been blown 180o in the wrong direction:
Although on reflection this actually indicates a massive tailwind, so clearly this was a tidal wind. Congratulation Kym on your first ride as RO!

Late Ride Report:

B-P-B (Brighton-Peachester-Brighton) 14/11/15 – David Booth.
Contrast this with the description of the same ride here.


Audax Queensland AGM

The date: Sunday Feb 28th 2016. Meeting at the Nundah Criterium Circuit at 7 am for some hot laps to start the 50 km AGM ride, this will be followed by the Audax QLD committee AGM starting at 10 am. Join the committee. Currently we are looking for a somebody to take the position of Treasurer and new general committee members welcome.



Audax Queensland casts a wide net and we have heard from our brethren and sistren in Russia, who have sent the following correspondence of an upcoming September ride:

Hello, Mark!

From open sources I have learned that you are engaged in the organization and conduct of brevets. There was available an e-mail address.

Since 1983 I spend a bike rally “100 kilometers to the Belt of Fame for 10 hours.” In 2015, attended by more than 2500 people in these competitions. Each year, 50% – novices. In the future, all the newcomers, only shrunken on the bike for the first time took part in the competition, determined by their cycling career: someone walks in cycling, someone in the MTB, someone decides to devote himself to brevet.

I would like to see you alone and not biased acquainted with our work on the following links: – the official website of the event

I’m sure if you will assist us, in the future the number of RANDONNEURING in our countries will increase substantially.

Sincerely, hope to long-term and fruitful cooperation

Leonid Rzhepishevsky, chief coordinator of the project “100 kilometers to the waist of Fame in 10 hours”

It looks like a great event; the link in translation:

Tour de Tasmanie:

Three misguided Queenlanders: Andrew Bragg, Brian Hornby and Mark Riley have entered the “Tour de Tasmanie” (TdT): a 1200 km randonnée. When I initially told people about this, they were incredulous: “Are you telling me that there is 1200km of road in Tasmania?”.

It commences this week (5am Thurs, 18 Feb). Stalkers can follow them here:

Coot-tha Burn:

Audax Queensland had a good representation at the inaugural Coot-tha Burn last Saturday. Star attractions include Jensie on the hill:
A loop of Mt Coot-tha is ~9.5k. A future 50k Audax (BA) ride could be 5 laps and include the ride to/from Anzac park: 50k, 1229m, 3h20m cut-off, Strava timing. Just saying.

Martin Pearson Award:

I don’t want to describe Martin’s contribution to Audax Qld here. Most readers will have known him, otherwise you can read this.

It was decided at the last QLD AGM that a Martin Pearson Award would be established. The rules and parameters are as follows:

This award recognises the cumulative total of Audax or randonneuring kilometres ridden in a single season. Only the nominal distance of a completed ride counts towards the cumulative distance. As the award recognises total riding achievement, all brevet types (with the exception of Brevet Raid) are accepted. Open to Queensland resident members.

The Award will be presented at the regions Annual General Meeting and the recipient be will be awarded a Perpetual Trophy which shall remain in their possession up until the following Annual General Meeting. Please send nominations for the 2015 season to: (


The Oppy 2016 is fast approaching: (Sat. 19th March)

The “rules” can be obtained from the (There is also assorted Tips, Tricks, History, Stories, etc). For a selection of Queensland Oppy reports, visit here.

If you are considering this ride, please contact me ( as there are people wishing to be matched to teams; and teams wishing to find an extra person match. Yes, I am running the Oppy Team match-maker service.

When you have your team of 3-5, register HERE. (Don’t send me any of that paper stuff)

Tip: If you first login on the right hand side, it will auto-fill your details when you register. Login using your Audax username(email address) & password. (You do know your audax username and password don’t you?)

The team caption must register first to register the team name, then the rest of the team can register under that team name.

You can choose registration ($6); an optional Oppy medal (+$10, recommended); temporary membership for non-members (+$10, boo: you should already be a member).

The Secret Pro

Last newsletter’s Secret Pro shown below was Lance Armstrong. I would have also accepted: “The guy who didn’t win seven TdFs”. Winner: James Nitis again! Of course this was a trick question, the picture was taken before Lance Armstrong was actually a Pro, but James saw through this subterfuge.

Here is James accepting his winnings in Gold:

Rule change: The winner will now be drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in the first week, instead of just the first person to answer (James is too fast on the iPhone).

So don’t be shy with your guesses; or feel that you have to stay up all night waiting for the newsletter to appear, you can now email ( your answer at your leisure. As usual the prize is a coffee or a beer, to be paid at the next ride that we a both on.

The Secret Pro for this newsletter (and good luck with this one).

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Berry Good 200: (20/2/16)

Vaughan’s description: “I drove the Berry Good 200 route yesterday. I must congratulate the original designer of this route. And thanks to Brian Hornby for uploading the ride on RidewithGPS. The ride is very scenic with plenty of quiet back roads. Riders will see where much of their healthy food is grown.”

I think Vaughan is talking about those good berries.

QLD AGM 50: Sunday (28/2/16)

Peter has provided a flyer here, and the Ride Entry form here. RSVP by Feb 25.

Upcoming Rides:

Berry Good 200 – Saturday Feb 20th 2016

A supported ride on relatively quiet roads starting at Lowood and heading west to the foothills of the range at Mt Berryman.

Start: Lowood; 7:00 am
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Vaughan Kippers (3376 6761 /

QLD AGM – Sunday Feb 28th 2016

Flat, friendly and fifty! An easy pre-AGM ride to set the mood. (AGM starts at 10.00 am).

Start: Nundah Criterium Circuit; 7:00 am
Costs: $20 members / $30 non members
Distances: 50 BA
Route: cue sheet
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375/

MPM2 (Middle Park Medley) – Saturday Mar 5th 2016

Flattish courses away from the traffic of Brisbane with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600 km taking in the scenic rim & the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys.

Start: Middle Park; 6 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 100 BA, 200, 300, 400 & 600 BRMs
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes, 200 and above
Contact: Chris Richardson (0433 210 996 /

SM5000 MIII (Smashing Mee) – Saturday Mar 12th 2016

A very scenic and challenging ride in and around Mt Mee. Bring your camera with 5000m of climbing you may want to stop and take a photo or two! There are a few dirt roads all with good surfaces. This is the third year running, re-tweaked with more hills.

Start: 37 Yathong Court, Arana Hills; 6:15 am
Costs: TBCs
Distances: 200 BRM
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Andrew Bragg (0434 284 532 /

FOADT (Fleche Opperman All Day Trial) – Saturday Mar 19th 2016

Ride in a team of 3-5 “machines” (5 tandems=10 team riders). Design your own course. Sleep if you can. Standard Oppy (360k min) and Petit Oppy (180k min) versions available. Must do 25k in last 2 hours. Shower & breakfast at Brothers.

Start: Anywhere; any time after 8:00 am Saturday
Finish: Brothers Leagues Club, Ipswich; 8:00 am Sunday
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances: 180 km (14hr limit) and 360 km (24hr limit)
Supported: Yes, if you organise your own support team
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
On-line registration: here
Contact: Mark Riley (0416 802 834 /
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