Newsletter: 17th May 2016


Ride News:

Over the cattle grids and into the big paddock that is Lake Moogerah. You just can’t have too many cows in ride photos..

The Fassifern Folly 14/05/16

The 3rd running of the Folly was completed under near perfect riding conditions. Brian Hornby, Ian Nimmo, Justin Bennett, Mark Riley, Melvyn Yap, Peter Jenkins, Peter Watson, Terry Burn were at the start. Great baking & support from Rosie Godwin & Ann Jenkins. And all the above were at the finish. What a stunning day! (And most of these are not my photos. Thanks Melvyn and Justin.)

The first checkpoint: roadside cemetery. “Our Lamb in Heaven”

Peter J is looking suspiciously at some of his wife’s produce.

More cow pics:

Peter W was on the Friday bike, Melvyn & Terry on recumbents: making 4 different wheels sizes in the peloton.

Quality Big Sky:

Quality dirt:

Quality mailboxes:

Quality support: Thanks Rosie & Ann.

Get High on the Tablelands 15/05/16

Another brilliantly successful Audax ride up at Atherton! In two rides they have had more riders than the rest of Qld for the whole year.


A report from RO Gayle Sticher:

“Congratulations to everyone for a truly amazing effort. The good humour and excitement of the riders was wonderful to see.

I’m grateful to the weather gods again for giving us a break, and allowing you to see some of the beauty of the high country of the Tablelands, as well as its fogginess.

The ride times for the day have been sent out to you, and will be forwarded to Audax Australia for processing with your Brevet Cards. They will be returned to you, along with any medals or patches ordered.

The final stats for the day were 49 riders registered and 45 starters. A really courageous effort, given how unappealing the weather looked in the wee, small hours of Sunday. I am still thrilled at how much it cleared as the day went on.

There were 10 starters in the 200km, and 8 completed the ride. The other two are still wishing their mates had told them the plan to switch to the 100km before the ride. They were nursing tired legs from the mammoth effort the day before, but still managed 140km. Well done to all. First home was Donal Watters in an amazing time of 8hrs 10mins. Given the wind, weather and terrain, I am in awe. The Still Smiling Award must go to Kathryn and Rory Deed, who had a slight geographical miscalculation almost within sight of Atherton, and put in an extra 10km for their troubles.

We had 25 starters for the 100km, and EVERYONE MADE IT HOME !!!!!! So I can now confess, it really was 110km. Chris Watters, Tate Jones, Rob Waters and Mark Knowles made it home and were heading for coffee before I’d returned to Atherton to set up the final checkpoint. There was then a run of smiling faces checking in over the next two or so hours, with riders thankful to be home and delighted at their achievements. The coffee shop was buzzing with excitement as riders swapped stories and added caffeine to adrenalin.

The Absolutely Audacious Award is shared by Glynis Perkins and Sandy Perkins, who made it home in 9hours11mins. By the time most other riders were showered and relaxing at home (in Cairns), Glynis and Sandy rode back through the drizzle and wind to Atherton. A truly gutsy effort by Glenys, who just refused to quit, and thanks to the wonderful supportive sister-in-law we’d all like to have, Sandy, who stuck with her. Well done to both of you.

Many thanks to our volunteers – Peter and Maureen (who came up from Cairns just to help and ran the Ravenshoe Control), Leanne (who manned the 200km Controls, drove all over the place, and waited around until the end), Malcom (a returning volunteer who helped on the 200km controls and wore a great cycling tshirt), Nola (my long-suffering mate who manned a 200km Control and is always helping me with some project or other), Mike (who took photos, manned Control 2, kept Kim company, and remembered to bring ALL the coffee making bits and pieces) Katie (who kept me company driving around and worked on the final control), Gary (who checked the lights again), Glynis and Sandy (who manned the registration desk, prior to doing their amazing ride). And thanks to Kim – who has been busy behind the scenes before, during and after the ride (what an amazing bloke).

I have had great feedback from the cafes we visited, and everything looks good with the Police, TRC, hospital, ambulance and other bodies that were involved. Thank you to everyone for making it such a positive and trouble-free experience. It makes organising the next events so much easier.

Wil Bird and Kathryn Deed have put together a ride report here.

The next ride is planned for the weekend of BikeFest in Atherton, although the date it yet to be confirmed (either Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd October). The format is planned as a 100km and 200km road ride (looking for new and flattish roads) and a 75km dirt road course (using predominantly dirt back roads). I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy the attached photos, here.”


Ride Organisers Workshop reminder

Date: Sunday 19th of June 2016
Time: 10 am
Address: 20 Barber Rd, Ferny Hills

RSVP: 1 June to Rosie Godwin at

Details of tentative rides including the routes, dates and distance should be emailed to Rosie by the 1 June 2016 so the calendar can be compiled and discussed at the workshop.

Grand Southern Randonée:

This ride is now full!

Other long ride opportunities:

Star Gazers’ Spring Delight – Sunday Sep 11th 2016

1000 km BRM. Stargazers will explore new roads as they ride north from Cowra on quiet roads, enjoying the vibrant colours of spring, the long views from ridge-top to ridge top and the glorious night skies. Bag drop and meals at Dunedoo on both nights of the event.

Mallee Routes – Saturday Sep 17th 2016

1000 & 1200 km options. Quiet roads through Southern Mallee farmland and Wyperfeld National Park. Pancake flat, heat and wind can be challenging. Central base, some support. Meet for dinner at the Hopetoun pub.

Why not do both?

Audax Queensland interviewed

Present and past Audax Queensland regional presidents were interviewed by Sarah Down from RideOn magazine.

Between the pair, Hornby and Lehane have clocked three PBPs and an unfathomable number of kilometres—distances which amount to inhuman feats for us mere mortals. They admit that their sport tends to attract a certain person with a certain mindset. Lehane elaborates: “we don’t get much pain—it’s 98 per cent pleasure.”

When asked if riding through the night is ever a lonely venture, Lehane becomes philosophical: “If you’re fatigued it could be a long and lonely night, but sometimes the solitude is … I don’t know … it’s contemplative.”

The full article can be found here.

Late Breaking News: The Sikorsky Prize

This is for all our HPV brethren (I would include our HPV sistren too, but I am yet to see a female recumbent rider; is the beard thing really compulsory?).

In 1980 the Sikorsky Prize was established for a human-powered helicopter. The prize of $250,000 was offered for the first person who could hover under human power at a height of 2 metres for 60 seconds over a 10 x 10 m square. Some 33 years later in 2013, it was achieved and the award was made.

The solution, of course, was a bike.

If you look at just one thing in this newsletter, look at this short video. It’s so moving that it’s only recently that I have been able to watch it without openly weeping, and I still get goosebumps when I see it.

They are working so close to the cutting edge of what is possible, everything is optimized. Not unlike a long randonée when you are riding at your absolute limit, optimizing every efficiency and squeezing out every last effort. As in the clip, the result may not be pretty, but the euphoria of success? Sweet.

Reader Contributions:

(send me your cat videos here)


YehudaMoon: (

The Secret Pro:

In the last newsletter the Secret Pro was: Filippo Pozzato. I would have also accepted “Pippo” or “The Peacock of the Peloton”. Winner: Rodney Clarke.
A tattoo so big that it takes a couple of angles to see it all.

Again, there was only a single answer submitted. Pro back tattoos seem worth pursuing for a while. Today’s Secret pro is from closer to home:

The current IOU beer/coffee list: Wayne Williams 1; Rodney Clarke 2; Dino Morgante 1; Peter Jenkins 1. You have to ride to collect.

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Binna Burra Bash – Saturday May 28th 2016

Some quality hills on this ride. There is a weekend break to allow you to rest up for this one. Passes through some SE Queensland’s most beautiful countryside.

The Tour of Toowoomba – Saturday June 4th 2016

Note: this is a name change from the previously advertised “Clifton Loops”.
This ride will now be supported so for catering purposes, entries will not be accepted after the Wednesday prior to the ride, the 1st June.

Date Change: Rathdowney Rumble has been moved to Sunday, 31st July 2016

Upcoming Rides:

Binna Burra Bash – Saturday May 28th 2016

Enjoy four quality climbs taking in Beechmont, Binna Burra, O’Reilly’s and Mt Tambourine over this 200km course. Truly a climbers course with plenty of food and water options with good descents.

Start: Beenleigh; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance: 200 BA
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Rodney Clarke (0411 699 661 /

The Tour of Toowoomba – Saturday June 4th 2016

The Tour of Toowoomba is a good ride for slower riders. It is series of loops in and out of Toowoomba City and surrounding areas . There is one checkpoint location which is also the start and finish. The first loop is south along the Range before returning to Toowoomba. The second loop is out to the eastern downs and back while the third goes north through several local towns. The final loop remains in Toowoomba and runs around the edge of the Range before returning to the finish. There is some climb, some sighs and there will be great views across the Lockyer Valley and Downs.

Start: Toowoomba; 7:00 am
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
Distance: 200 km BRM
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Pat Lehane (0408 702 808 /

Dirty Mee – Sunday June 12th 2016

Dirty Mee, is cyclocross at its best. Plenty of dirt single track and fire trail. There will be some sealed roads. hydration pack recommended. Cyclocross can be ridden on your normal road bikes with good tyres. Maxis refuse are highly recommended.

Start: Dayboro bakery; 7:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance: 160 BA
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Andrew Bragg (0434 284 532 /
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