Newsletter: 9th August 2016


Ride News:

Rathdowney Rumble 160 km (31/07/16)

Roger is the picture of elegance, not to mention sang froid, élan and souplesse as he is seen here wondering what else he can delegate to Kim.

The Rathdowney Rumble – has there ever been a more evocative pair of words? The misty dawn revealed the glorious palette of the “full Rapha” spectrum. People had put on their Sunday best and were presenting a strong sock game: it was high fashion stakes on the Rathie Rumble, and I was feeling a bit scruffy.



But what a great turnout! A peloton of 41 riders headed south:
Barclay Ross
Broe Patrick
Bragg Andrew
Beesley Jonathon
Beasley Lesa
Booth David
Colahan David
Douglas Tony
Elkins Jack
Estwick Craig
Farrag Mick
Fery Loic
Goebel Brett
Hurn Iain
Hill Allison
Hawley Roger
Janson Scott
Jefferies Hudson
Kennedy Shaun
Killeen Christian
Killeen Leonie
Lightbody Paul
Lynch David
Ling Andrew
Main Christian
MCCloy Keryl
Nicholas Cherie
O’Hanlon-Rose Jordon
Rush Michael
Riley Mark
Sherritt Craig
Short Karen
Simic Serge
Smith Giles
Speares Melissa
Taylor Cam
Tate Anna
Toohey Dylan
Whittle Peter
Witzerman Paul
Zahan Tim

Most excellent fun rotating turns with an above critical mass of riders. Heading south into the NS of W I was by struck by … how cold it was:
Temperatures in the two hours to the first checkpoint averaged 3°, and it was hovering at 0° for much of the time. I was not surprised to see a snow drift near the top of the range. This was fiercely debated at Woodenbong. The conversation at the first checkpoint went:
“No snow – didn’t you see the debris where the truck was washed down?”
“Definitely snow”
“No: fire-fighting foam – didn’t you see the smoldering tree?”
“No – I stopped and poked it – foam”
“Oh, hang on … SAOs!”

Yes, the biscuits that Mr Arnott designed for the hungry and needy of Melbourne (SAO = Salvation Army Officer) were on the Kim table and were feeding the munchies of Woodenbong.

But what a glorious ride:
Well done Roger & Kim. Ride reports below.

Frank’s Ride (6/08/16)

Another foray across the border. Look: dry in Queensland, wet over in NSW.

Emery Bridge, Iain Cummings, Craig Estwick, Brian Hornby, Sean Konings and Peter Watson lined up for the 200km version; David Booth and Keith Heinrich for the 110km ride.
What a great day! Why wouldn’t you ride a bike?

And in case you were wondering it’s not about the bike, it’s all about the food.

Ride reports below, Some video action from Keith Heinrich here:

A Ride for the No Shows(10/08/16)

Peter Jenkins, Ruth Brown, Leah Barnett, Mark Riley, Thomas Guillaume, Vaughan Kippers, Craig Estwick and Toby Wu. A healthy mix of wizened oldies, three newbies doing their first Audax ride and a couple of ladies. Because you know:

RO Simon Faber works outside the city of Brisbane, so no Ekka ride for him. He told me the ride has also been ridden as “The Great Southern Manatee” which sounds a bit like “The Great Southern Randonnée” the flagship Audax 1200 to be run 13-18th November (link)

Anyhow the ride involved following these signs:

And as Simon pointed out, it’s a Dugong, not a Manatee. Anyhow, I’m glad he called it a Manatee, because

It’s a ride of almost Hindenburg proportions, but without the unhappy ending.

Ride Reports:

Rathdowney Rumble (31/07/16): David Booth
Rathdowney Rumble (31/07/16): Hudson Jefferies

Franks Ride (6/08/16): Iain Cummings
Franks Ride (6/08/16): Brian Hornby

Four ride reports! Incroyable! And I didn’t even pressure anyone. Keep them coming. As well as appearing in the Newsletter, your ride report be given a coveted position in the Audax Qld collected archives in perpetuity (see the “Ride Reports” menu above).


Olympics – 1952 Helsinki (late news)

Australians Lionel Cox won silver in the sprint scratch race and Russell Mockridge won gold in the 1000m time trial.

Walking around the Olympic village, the two cyclists found a tandem bike discarded by the English team in a storeroom and thought “why not?” Neither of them had previous ridden a tandem before, but they entered the 2000m tandem race and won the gold medal. How many people can say they won an Olympic gold medal the very first time they tried a sport???

New Chandler Velodrome:

Brian has organised an invite for us to ride here (careful: not more than one loop if you want to be homologated).

Latest Research:

Best Pie Shops here.
Paul W can probably offer better advice.

Graffiti of the Week:

burn-fat-not-oil-bike-graffiti-flickr-kong-niffe(Hope you filled in the census appropriately)

The Secret Pro:

In the last newsletter the Secret Pro was the late great Wayne Goss. I would have also accepted “The 34th Premier of Qld”, “The Chairman of Qld Art gallery”, “The Chairman of Deloitte Australia”. Winner: Kym Raffelt


There were 7 correct entries submitted, in order of being received: Peter Jenkins, Dave Minter, Craig Estwick, Kym Raffelt, Mike Clare, David Booth, Peter Whittle.

On page 7 of “The Rider”: “[He tells the crowd that the Tour de Mont Aigoual is an exceptionally] ..hard race, covering 150 kilometers and five cols.
The seventh word: “five”: has 4 letters: therefore the 4th entry wins: Kym Raffelt.

The current IOU beer/coffee list is: Peter Jenkins 1; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 1. You have to ride to collect.

I have been busy paying off the winners, Peter Jenkins the proud owner of a Rouleur magazine and Rodney Clarke gets coffees below.

Today’s Secret Pro: Time for some small wheel action.
Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before next newsletter.

Social/Recovery Rides:

There is an Audax Social River Loop every Tuesday. Meet on bike way opposite the Regatta, Toowong at 5:30 am. This is one way to collect your TSP winnings:
2016-08-09 07.04.18
A heavy caffeinated Rodney Clarke collecting his winnings over two consecutive Tuesday rides.

Upcoming Rides News:

Two Sunday rides in a row!

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Mangroves to Mountains – Sunday August 14th 2016

Peter is offering a variety of options for your riding pleasure: 50, 100, 150 & 200k. The traditional 100 & 150k rides have been augmented by a new 200k (largely the 100k ride + a reverse loop) and a new 50k “flat 50 to Pam’s Cycle friendly Cafe at Nudgee Beach”.

Low and High UAF – Sunday Aug 21st 2016

A very French/’strayan style Ride which encourages concerted stops over vin rouge/ draught beer. In case you’ve forgotten: Breakfast at Peaks Crossing, 2nd breakfast at Rosewood, Lunch at Glamorganvale Hotel. Awesome.

Upcoming Rides:

Mangroves to Mountains – Sunday August 14th 2016

Choice of distances – 50, 100, 150, 200km options through undulating countryside. This ride is unsupported but the controls are at conveniently spaced coffee shops and bakeries.

Start: Brighton; 7:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/maps: 50, 100, 150 and 200 BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: for 200km only
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407149375 /

Low and High UAF – Sunday Aug 21st 2016

A supported ride on relatively quiet roads starting at Middle Park, breakfast at Peak Crossing, morning tea at Rosewood & lunch at the historic Glamorganvale Hotel.

Start: Middle Park; 6:30 AM
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
Distance: 200k BUAF
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Chris Richardson (0433 210 996 /

Scenic Rims 200 – Saturday Aug 27th 2016

A tour of the Scenic Rim beginning with a challenging dirt climb to Koreelah State Forest. Beautiful tour along White Swamp Road before another climb to Tooloom Lookout. Return via Woodenbong with a memorable descent to Rathdowney & flat final 50 to Boonah.

Start: Boonah; 7:00 am
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
Distance: 200 km BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Kym Raffelt (0431 471 839 /

Middle Park Medley 4 – Saturday Sept 12th 2016

Flattish course away from the traffic of Brisbane with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600km taking in the scenic rim & the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys.

Start: Middle Park; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Maps: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 km
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Anthony Richardson (
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