Newsletter: 18th October, 2016


Ride News:

South of the Border – 100/200k – (15/10/16)

Rodney Clarke, Liz Hepple, Simon Faber, Peter Jenkins, Peter Watson, Rosie Godwin started, four finished. And Liz helped herself to the Queen Mary Falls climb QOM. The end of the Audax year is ending on a high, with lots of rides with lots of climbing:

With some of the best scenery and quiet roads.
Ride report from Rodney below.

Hippie Highway – 300k – (8/10/16)

Paul Witzerman, Phil Milham, Andrew Bragg, Chris Lewthwaite, Mark Riley. Five starters, five DNFs. Such rides are legends made. And as RO Paul promised: this is a truly magical ride. Paul pauses to inspected the gravel (sweet and chunky):
The ride was so magical that I was a bit disappointed when, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I closed my eyes and clicked my heels 3 times (whispering “River Loop, River Loop, River Loop”) but unfortunately I didn’t wake up.
However… the magic did finally arrive when Chris pulled up with a mechanical and opted for a phone up exit plan. I immediately put my hand up, with a “Me too, please: engine exploded”.

I think for me a line in the sand has been drawn. Life is too short to fuck around, you’ve got to try and cross it, or recalibrate. Whatever your goal is, isn’t that what Audax is all about?

Ride Reports:

South of the Border: from Rodney Clarke

Hippie Highway: The grisly details from first-time RO Paul Witzerman


The New Year is Upon Us

The Audax New Year starts November 1st. Time for the goals to be planned. Resolutions to be made. Membership fees to be paid.

This year Pat Lehane, Brian Hornby, Gayle Sticher and Peter Watson all achieved Year Round Randonneur (YRR) awards: Riding a 200 km or more Audax ride each month of the season.

You know you want to do it, and in answer to your next question: November has only a single 200k ride: PJ’s BPB on Saturday Nov 12th 2016. That’s the tricky one to get locked in, the rest of the year is easy. Especially December where Rod Staines is attempting to qualify for the TransOZ. In the absence of an available 1200km ride, there are 300k Qld rides on December 10th (PeachyMee), 11th (Round the Mountains), 12th (back Round the Mountains), 13th (Ma Ma Madness) as well as on the 17th (Yeronga Medley; with 100/200/400/600 options).
If you do all those (especially the Yeronga Medley 600 on the 17th) you’ll be ready for the Audax Queensland End of Year Party on the 18th December at the Anthony’s Yeronga Medley finish line. Arrive in style after a 40 hr ride.

There is also a new Petit Year Round Randonneur (PYRR) which is sweeping the Audax world by storm. At least 50 km every month with a total of 1200 over the season, from 12 rides done in different months. There are lots of options every month next season. Including a 50 km BA River Loop ride on the first Tuesday of every month. Both YRR and PYRR also allow permanents. So if you are stuck at the end of the month, a quick River Loop permanent will keep you in the PYRR game. So it’s “in the bag” for everyone.
The FaceAche page here:

One award which isn’t “in the bag” yet it is the big one: the Martin Pearson award. For the greatest number of kilometers on Audax rides by a Queensland member during the year. Brian Hornby and Peter Watson are currently battling it out.



If anyone’s counting, this is the 26th newsletter in the current format, which means it has now been going for one year. Time to roll out the statistics. (Since we’ve started using the wordpress website to store Newsletters we can analyse what people read.)

The analysis: Most people click on the Ride Reports. That’s right, even with all that internet click-bait – most of the clicks are to look at the Ride Reports. And why wouldn’t you? It doesn’t matter how you write or what you write, there are details of interest in every ride report … for the bike-obsessed sad cases like our readers.

So I’d like to thank all the contributors. There hasn’t been a single month without at least one ride report. Peaking at six Ride Reports in July! (Arguably the optimum cycling month for Queensland) This is what people want. This years stats:

Social/Recovery Rides:

There is an Audax Ride every Tuesday. Meet on bike way opposite the Regatta, Toowong at 5:30 am.
On the first Tuesday of every month this will be a 50/100 km BA Audax ride! See the on-line calendar to register. On other Tuesdays, just turn up. Here what it was like today:

rl_11_10_16The city from Toowong, 5:30am, 11/10/16
The city from Toowong, 5:30am, 18/10/16 (collect all 52)

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pro was: Cadel, (I was also accepting The Lung (Dave Minter) and Cuddles) seen here winning in his previous life. Winner: Peter Jenkins! (again)


Three correct entries in order received: The usual suspects: Dave Minter, Peter Jenkins, Rodney Clarke.

The current IOU beer/coffee list: Peter Jenkins 1; Dave Minter 3; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 1. You have to ride to collect.

Today’s Secret Pro is safe with his Ned Kelly helmet on. But can you identify him from his imposing musculature?

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules


MalenyMee – Saturday Oct 22nd 2016

While RO Brian is away in NZ; Peter Watson has been deputised to run this ride.
A PeachyMee with a bit of Maleny thrown in.

Atherton BikeFest Audax – Saturday Oct 22nd 2016

With 75(BD), 100 & 200 options, you better hurry to register with this one. Already 63 of the available 100 places have been taken.

For both the above rides use the on-line registration below.

Broke Back Mountain – Saturday Oct 29th 2016

The last ride of the “year”.

Upcoming Rides:

MalenyMee – Saturday Oct 22nd 2016

A scenic ride including Mt Mee, Maleny and the Redcliffe Peninsular.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 300k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

Atherton BikeFest Audax – Saturday Oct 22nd 2016

A scenic 200km meander around the back roads of the Tablelands (Watsonville, Malanda and Yungaburra). 100km option finds all the coffee shops, and less of the hills. Or a 75km ride taking in the Rail Trail and the farming roads of the Tolga/Kairi area.

Start: Atherton; 6:30 am
Costs: $10 members / $20 non members
Distances/Maps: 75k BD, 100k BA, 200k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: 200 only
Contact: Gayle Sticher (0428440411 /

Broke Back Mountain – Saturday Oct 29th 2016

Scenic Ride out and Over the Bunya Mountains before returning back to Crows Nest.

Start: Crows Nest (QLD); 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance: 200
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Roger Hawley (3327 91225 /

River Loop November – Tuesday Nov 1st 2016

A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd.

Start: Regatta, Toowong; 5:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 50, 100 km BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes, but not for too much longer
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

Mulgowie Meander UAF – Saturday Nov 5th 2016

From Rosewood over the Grandchester Range past Mulgowie and Thornton, then return.

Start: Rosewood; 7AM
Costs: $10 members / $20 non members
Distance: 100 km BUAF
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Vaughan Kippers (0733766761 /
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