Newsletter: 15th November, 2016

GSR news! Victoria cold & windy, who would have thought? More below.

Ride News:

Mulgowie Meander UAF – 100k(BUAF) – (5/11/16)

Vaughan Kippers (RO and BUAF captain), Brian Hornby, Hugh Fyson, Raoul Dover, Peter Watson, Peter Jenkins, David Booth, Anthony Richardson, Chris Groves. Remarkably, thanks to the BUAF magic, all riders finished in exactly the same elapsed time.

Peter Watson:
Hi Mark,
Here are the photos I took yesterday on the Mulgowie Meander. 9 riders. Of course it was a warm day and we all managed to stay together apart from the hill climbing. There was road works on the west side of the Granchester Range with traffic lights, I hope this means more road space in the future. The last couple of riders got caught so it was a bit of a wait at the top of the hill for us to group up again. For me this course was the very first Audax Ride I did back in 2003 and the ride was the first in a while where my heart rate was under 100 for most of the ride!


B-P-B- 200k BRM – (12/11/16)

Three riders finished: Peter Watson, Raoul Dover, Peter Jenkins

Ride Reports:

PeachyMee (permanent) – Keith Heinrich 7/11/16


Great Southern Randonee

On NOW. They are riding as you read. Click on the map to watch the dots:

Four Queensland riders traveled south: Ant Richardson, Brian Hornby, Nick Burnett & Pat Lehane. Conditions are “challenging”, and so “carnage” is ensuing: about 1/3 of the field have dropped out so far. Most riders are now approaching 1/2 way mark, so control closing times will ease. Riders times here.

There are stories to be told, pictures to be viewed. See the next newsletter

2015-16 Audax Awards Closure Dates

This year the closure date for applications for Audax Australia single season awards or the Woodrup 5000 Award will be Wednesday 15th of December, 2016. For Audax Australia multi-season Ultra Randonneur or Australian Randonneur Awards you must apply by 20th November, 2016.
The reasons for the change of date are that the producers of the awards are closed over the Christmas period, and our Award Secretary is taking a holiday in late December. This is early notice, and we will remind you again closer to the end of the season.

Forms and process available here.

The Things You See on an Audax Ride

Yes, a new occasional newsletter item. This one from the Fitz’s challenge 200k BRM 2 weeks ago. Examine the body language. Justin Bennett is enjoying the moment, while Mark Riley is desperately trying to get a photo (“newsletter, newsletter”).


Andrew Bragg

New kit courtesy of RBH

Heaviest Bike

New world record: 940 kg. Take the lane. More here.

Social/Recovery Rides:

There is an Audax Ride every Tuesday. Meet on bike way opposite the Regatta, Toowong at 5:30 am.

The sun is getting higher:
5:30am, 08/11/16
rl_15_11_165:30am, 15/11/16

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pro was: David Bowie.
I would have also accepted: “the thin white duke”, “ziggy stardust”, “major Tom”, etc.
NO correct entries received, my coffee hemorrhage has halted. Bowie is a little known cyclist, he started late in life: Here getting some instruction from his son.

The current IOU beer/coffee list: Dave Minter 3; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 1. You have to ride to collect.

Today’s Secret Pros are:

You wouldn’t find Queenslanders riding in kit like that. Or would you?

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Midnight Century – Saturday Nov 26th 2016

Queensland’s signature ride. I did a bit of research and here are the rider numbers over the last 7 years:
There have been a total of 134 different riders over the last 7 years. The rider list is here. Only one rider has ridden every year in the past 7 years: PJ.

Some more info in the flyer. Extra details on start and control locations here.

Upcoming Rides:

Midnight Century – Saturday Nov 26th 2016

Start at midnight and ride through the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys to finish on Sunday morning in Ipswich for breakfast at Brothers Leagues Club.

Start: Ipswich; 11:59 PM
Costs: $50 members / $60 non members
Distance: 160 BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Mark Riley (0416 802 834 /

Calen Calling – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016

A northerly wander up to St Helens Beach and Calen with lots of little climbs all day. Four unsealed sections of road on the route but the countryside will definitely be enjoyable. A nice view at St Helens followed by a 20km section of highway home.

Start: Kay Court; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 200k BRM
Supported: no
Lighting Rules Apply: yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497270621 /

Inland Indulgence – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016

Indulge yourself in a scenic inland ride through the rolling hills of Brookfield and Moggill to Ipswich. Return on flatter terrain through Wacol and the Centenary suburbs.

Start: Kenmore; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 100k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: no
Lighting Rules Apply: no
Contact: Rosie Godwin (0421546118 /

Rudolph’s Revenge – Sunday Dec 4th 2016

Regardless of whether you’ve been good or bad this year, this 100km+ route wraps several iconic Cairns rides into one scenic package. But be warned, Santa’s evil reindeer Rudolph may have a few little surprises waiting for you.

Start: Fun Ship, Northern End of Cairns Esplanade; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance: 110 km BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: William Bird (0437890069 /

River Loop December – Tuesday Dec 6th 2016

A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd.

Start: Regatta, Toowong; 5:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances/Maps: 50k BRM, 100k BRM
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

PeachyMee – Saturday Dec 10th 2016

A scenic ride going over Mt Mee and Peachester followed by a loop around the Redcliffe Peninsular.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances/Maps: 50k BA, 100k BA, 150k BA, 200k BRM, 300k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes to 200 & 300k
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /
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