Newsletter: 29th November, 2016.

Midnight Century

A reflective start to the Midnight Century. I think I’ve found a new header for the website.

Ride News:

Midnight Century – 160k (BA) – (26/11/16)

Alison Blyth, Terry Burn, Col Davies, Dave Edwards, Annette Ferguson, Luis Franco Marin, Peter Jenkins, Ken Marshall, John McMullan, Colin Morley, Grant Noble, James Noone, Kym Raffelt, Kurt Stanton, Melvyn Yap, Eric Young. Five minutes before the start and everyone is competently prepared and quietly waiting. With guilt I realise that this is a side of the Midnight Century that I’ve never seen before, I’m usually only just arriving and in full panic mode.

John McMullan showing some good side reflection. While a pair of fast-moving thrombolites edge closer.

Forest Hill check point:

And then they slip away:

Fernvale and the dawn has dawned:

In a world where Gravity Sucks and Air Resists, you are better off in something heavy and cigar-shaped. Strava: 80.6 k/h in a Mango coming down the Tallegalla hill.

Coming into the finishing straight:
Col Davies, Colin Morley, Alison Blyth and Dave Edwards in the Mango.


Well done everyone. Some excellent ride reports below.

Flat 50 (permanent) – 50k (BA) – (29/11/16)


from Brian:

The enticement of a Petit Year Round Randonneur (PYRR) Award has created a goal for Lindsay Green and my wife Sue Hornby. With only two days left to complete at least a 50 km ride in November to stay in contention for the award, Peter Jenkins, Lindsay Green, Sue Hornby and myself lined up at the Nundah Criterion track for the Flat Fifty Permanent. Leonie accompanied us for the pleasure of the ride. View the ride –

Sue worked late the night before so a relaxed 8:30 am start was arranged. Being a late start on a weekday meant lots of traffic in the first part of the ride and mostly red lights at the major intersections. The traffic was well-behaved so no dramas. Sue and I on the tandem meant cruising downhills and on the flats even into the slight headwind. It was agreed that we leave the boys behind and head for Doug’s to order the coffee. When Lindsay and Peter arrived the fresh coffee was waiting on the table for them.

The ride back from coffee was very relaxed going through the Boondall Wetlands with a nice tail wind.

Sue and Lindsay came to the realisation that for the PYRR they will have to ride at least a 150 km ride another month to achieve the 100 km / month average (longest ride per month) required. Challenges are there to inspire.

Ride Reports:

Midnight Century – Terry Burn
Midnight Century – Dave Edwards
Midnight Century – John McMullan


Great Southern Randonnée


Brian is submitting a story to Checkpoint, but can give us a taste here.

The plan was that Anthony Richardson wanted to ride with me. Cool, but he had to control himself on hills. In by 12 both nights, out early.

The weather conditions were not that exciting. Those that started Sunday night had a bad night with rain and wind. Mind you those who started in the morning had only marginally better conditions. Anthony Richardson and I elected to ride the 1000 km option starting at 4 am Monday morning. Conditions had improved slightly overnight but only marginally.

Heading west the wind was in our face and challenging. At Lorne (30 km) we headed into the hills. A variations from last edition due to recent storms that had closed the great Ocean Rd but they were a blessing as in the hills there was no wind. Some consolation then the wind continued back on the coast. In spite of the conditions we made a reasonable time getting into the night control at Hamilton by 1 am (an hour later than planned). Early out into the Grampians. During the day we learnt of the high number of people who had DNF’ed. Those that got past the first 400 km generally finished the ride.

The Grampians were magic with high country kangaroos everywhere. Anthony explained the differences between kangaroos around Australia. More about this in the checkpoint story. The wind fortunately dropped on the return trip from Hamilton to Port Fairy the next night that allowed us to be in the night control by 12. Back on track.

The next morning 280 km to the end. Weather – easterly. Head wind home, all we needed. Back to Anglesea along the coast with a head wind. As least it wasn’t raining. The coast was picturesque and very enjoyable, but then the hills. The inland route increased the hills on the return. Gentle rises on the way out were sharp inclines on the way back. 900 km on the legs didn’t react well to steep climbs. Then a 10 Km decent when tired was slow due to impaired senses. The last 30 km along the coast was very slow due to tiredness. Anthony stayed with me even though I encouraged him to leave me. We finished in a time of 68:30 with an allocated time of 75 hours.

I want to thank Anthony for the company and sticking with me.

Audax Queensland End-Of-Year Party

Audax Queensland cordially invites you and your partner to attend an
End of Audax Season and Xmas Party
Sunday 18th December
45 Rhyndarra St, Yeronga
Midday till Late

This is a great opportunity to show your support for your favourite cycling club, chat with your fellow randonneurs, and thank your partner who has put up with your long days in the saddle. A Mix of BBQ fare and hors d’oeuvres. Beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks provided.

Places are limited (20 people have signed on at time of writing) so RSVP now to avoid disappointment.

Cost: This event is free and sponsored by Audax Queensland
Dress Code: Casual + togs
RSVP: By Sunday 11 December to Ant (

The next Big Thing

There are always big rides to tempt you. This one is bigger than most:
Gran Brevetto – 999Miglia (1600k) web site

Road, Street, Lane, …

Ever wondered what the difference is? – from Melvyn

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pros were: The Bee Gees.
I was also accepting: “The Heebeegeebees” (Dave M), “The Brothers Gibb” (Peter J), or “The final design of the Audax Qld jersey with full length zips”.

Eight correct entries received, in order: Ross Barnard, Dave Minter, Iain Cummings, Dino Morgante, Peter Jenkins, Duncan McDonald, Rosie Godwin, Mark Thomas. It is always tempting to make the winner from another continent to avoid actual payment, but one must follow the book “The Rider” – Tim Krabbe.
8 entries: on the 8th page, the 8th word is “me”: 2 letters, the 2nd entry Dave Minter wins (again). “[The world shrank to the pain in my] ..chest and the wheel in front of me. And the wind.”

The Bee Gees were born on the Isle of Man but the family move to the Brisbane suburb of Redcliffe where they started out playing from the back of a truck at the Redcliffe Speedway. Here they are, before they hit on the successful combination of bicycles and exposed chest hair.


The current IOU beer/coffee list: Dave Minter 4; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 1. You have to ride to collect.

Today’s Secret Pro recently completed a popular overnight century ride wearing the following kit:
T-shirt, board-shorts and crocs – I’m pretty sure this is breaking some of “the rules”. (And note that the checkpoint has provided him with items from the 3 most important food groups.)

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules


Two up north:
Calen Calling – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016
Rudolph’s Revenge – Sunday Dec 4th 2016

Six down south:
Inland Indulgence 100k – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016
River Loop December 50/100k – Tuesday Dec 6th 2016
No don’t adjust your computer, there ARE four 300k rides in a row on Dec 10, 11, 12, 13. This is an opportunity to do a DIY 1200k in 4 days.
PeachyMee – Saturday Dec 10th 2016 (Also 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300k options)

Upcoming Rides:

Calen Calling – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016

A northerly wander up to St Helens Beach and Calen with lots of little climbs all day. Four unsealed sections of road on the route but the countryside will definitely be enjoyable. A nice view at St Helens followed by a 20km section of highway home.

Start: Kay Court; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 200k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: no
Lighting Rules Apply: yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497270621 /

Inland Indulgence – Saturday Dec 3rd 2016

Indulge yourself in a scenic inland ride through the rolling hills of Brookfield and Moggill to Ipswich. Return on flatter terrain through Wacol and the Centenary suburbs.

Start: Kenmore; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 100k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: no
Lighting Rules Apply: no
Contact: Rosie Godwin (0421546118 /

Rudolph’s Revenge – Sunday Dec 4th 2016

Regardless of whether you’ve been good or bad this year, this 100km+ route wraps several iconic Cairns rides into one scenic package. But be warned, Santa’s evil reindeer Rudolph may have a few little surprises waiting for you.

Start: Fun Ship, Northern End of Cairns Esplanade; 6:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance: 110 km BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: William Bird (0437890069 /

River Loop December – Tuesday Dec 6th 2016

A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd.

Start: Regatta, Toowong; 5:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances/Maps: 50k BRM, 100k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

PeachyMee – Saturday Dec 10th 2016

A scenic ride going over Mt Mee and Peachester followed by a loop around the Redcliffe Peninsular.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances/Maps: 50k BA, 100k BA, 150k BA, 200k BRM, 300k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes to 200 & 300k
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

Round the Mountains – Sunday Dec 11th 2016

A ride around the mountains to the west of Brisbane. The route includes the Brisbane Valley, Kilcoy, Caboolture.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 300k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

Back Round the Mountains – Monday Dec 12th 2016

Same route as Round The Mountains except reverse. Caboolture, Kilcoy and Brisbane Valley.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 300k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /

Ma Ma Madness – Tuesday Dec 13th 2016

A ride out to Ma Ma Creek return.

Start: Ferny Hills; 6:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 300k BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: No
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418711417 /
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