Newsletter: 13th December, 2016


The riders in Rudolph’s Revenge negotiate the perils of motorised traffic in FNQ.

Ride News:

Rudolph’s Revenge – 100k (BA) – (4/12/16)

Another outstanding turnout of 77 riders up north, for first-time RO Wil Bird.
And another excellent full ride report written by Gayle Sticher here.

Inland Indulgence – 100k – 3/12/16

David Booth, Brian Hornby, Peter Jenkins, John McMullan, Mark Riley indulged. This is a great ride Rosie, but it was HOT.
The turn-around point at Upper Brookfield.

The ferry was on this year.

River Loop December – 50k – 6/12/16

From Brian: A storm had passed the Southside with the Northern tip of the storm just reaching the Northern Suburbs causing a downpour between 5-5:10 am. The rain dropped the air temperature from 26 to 20 degrees but all it did was raise the humidity. It did try to rain on the route a couple of times but thankfully it didn’t.

Due to the storm there wasn’t the normal groups of riders gathering on the bikeway opposite the Regatta Hotel. Six dedicated Audax riders all turned up on time (Brian Hornby, Suzanne Hornby, John McMullan, Grant Noble, Peter Jenkins and Mark Riley). Everyone stayed together waiting at times for the slower riders. Sue and Brian Hornby were on their tandem taking it easy as this was only the second brevet for Sue. The last being the Flat Fifty so the hills were a challenge. All 6 riders are keeping their Petit Year Round Randonneur (PYRR) options open by completing the December 50 km ride.

PeachyMee 100 & 200k – 10/11/16


Hugh Fryson (100k) and Liz Nelson, Brian Hornby, Peter Jenkins (200k) embarked on PeachyMee. Liz wrote a great full ride report here.

Ride Reports:

The two ride reports given above are links to blog posts, by two inspirational female cyclists. It’s well worth looking through their other posts.
Permanent records of the ride reports are also keep under the Ride Report menu:
Rudolph’s Revenge – Gayle Sticher
PeachyMee – Liz Nelson


Late News


Audax Queensland End-Of-Year Party

Audax Queensland invites you and your partner to attend the
End of Audax Season and Xmas Party
Sunday 18th December
45 Rhyndarra St, Yeronga
Midday till Late
RSVP: ASAP to Ant (

Audax Queensland Committee meeting

There will be an Audax Queensland Committee Meeting immediately preceding the above Christmas Party at 11 am. All Audax members are welcome to attend this meeting. If you are interested in the committee processes or wish to guarantee getting some of the party Tim Tams before the Committee eat them all, please come along.

Matters of importance are to be decided, but only committee members having voting rights.

Matters of Importance


2017 – Get used to it, its coming

With the coming of a new year it’s traditional to make rash and unsustainable promises to yourself. I have prepared a 2017 training plan for you here (pdf).

Yet Another 2017 Ride Calender

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux have posted their 2017 ride calendar. These are the long rides … the 1200Ks and longer.
Six are in Australia (none in QLD):
11/03/17 South Gippsland
14/04/17 Wangaratta Wahine
July-Aug TransOZ (6 separate starts)
28/08/17 RIME ride
16/09/17 Mallee Routes
19/11/17 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine

Other Matters of Importance

It’s all very well and good outlining a training calendar, but isn’t it also time to get serious about tyre pressure? suggests you keep a tyre pressure journal (here). Damn good advice and bike snob (here) has run with the idea:
“Dear Diary,
Today I dropped my tire pressure by 2.5 psi. It felt strange and unfamiliar, yet supple and yielding, like a tentative lover’s touch. Tomorrow I may go even lower…if I dare.”

An analysis of tyre width/pressure can be found here, from the viewpoint that an individual’s perception of reality is shaped by the “cultural narrative”.

ABC News

Vaughan has alerted us to the following:
Bicycles outnumber cars in record first for Copenhagen.

Tour Down Under replaces models with junior cyclists as part of positive body image push.


Buying Christmas gifts for cyclists can be hard. Here are some ideas:

from Miles Smith:

Helmets (I tried to buy one, but it is only in design phase,

Be safe

Enjoy the holidays, next newsletter 10th January.

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pros was: Dave Edwards.
I also accepted: “the only person who would wear crocs on an Audax ride” (Melvyn Y) or “a fast moving thrombolite” (Kym R).

Only the two correct entries received, in order: Melvyn Yapp, Kym Raffelt: winner Melvyn.

The current IOU beer/coffee list: Dave Minter 4; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2. You have to ride to collect.

Today’s Secret Pro shown below has not just come from Bunnings but I’m sure is in all our thoughts:
Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter. Merry Christmas and stay safe.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules


Last rides of the year:
Yeronga Medlay 1 – Saturday Dec 17th 2016
The inaugural running of the YM series. Work up an appetite for the Audax Christmas Party the following day. Or do the 600 and arrive at the party in style.

Upcoming Rides:

Yeronga Medlay 1 – Saturday Dec 17th 2016

Reasonably flat course with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. We start with part of the river loop, and then head west, taking in the Scenic Rim and the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys. Please contact me if you need any sleeping arrangements.

Start: Yeronga; 6:00 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distances/Maps: 110, 200, 300, 400, 600k
On-line rego: here
Supported: no
Lighting Rules Apply: yes, except 100
Contact: Anthony Richardson (0467771869 /

Eleven Out of 11 – Sunday Jan 1st 2017

Ride all 11 bike permitted bridges across the Brisbane River. This ride follows along the river with a couple of small climbs. A great way to shake off the 2016 cobwebs, complete with a 2 visits to the same checkpoint at a shady spot near the Uni. This ride is supported.

Start: Belmont Shopping Centre; 6:00 am
Costs: $22 members / $32 non members
Distance: 100 BA
On-line rego: here
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Simon Faber (0448 887 839 /

Kinchant Hangover Loop – Sunday Jan 1st 2017

Like the water flowing to and from Kinchant Dam, come for a wander through the beautiful countryside and maybe take a dip in the dam to cool off on your way. Follow it up with a spin around the beaches. Shame to be doing it at night, except for the heat.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay; 0:00:01 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 200k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497270621 /
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