Newsletter: 7th February, 2017

For those of you sensible enough not to belong to Facebook, the Checkpoint facebook page has released the latest issue. And the “Summer of ’69” is a vintage one:

The full issue is available on the Audax portal: here. (You have to be a member to gain access.) What a great innovation! You can read it completely, long before it has been printed and eventually found its way into your letterbox.

Ride News:

Mt Coot-tha Loops – 50k – (4/2/17)

Coot-tha Loops was completed without anyone getting too dizzy. Justin Bennett, Hugh Fryson, Brian Hornby, John McMullan, Kym Raffelt, Mark Riley, Nick Rudd, Paul Witzerman started. All finished with 1000m ascent added to their morning. Welcome back Nick Rudd, 10 years after his last Audax ride.

Ride Reports:

Grand Southern Randonée – Brian Hornby


“The OPPY”, the FOADT, or the Flèche Opperman All Day Trial

The concept is simple: Ride as a team of at least 3 riders at least 360k in 24hr.
The execution is more detailed.*

There are great stories behind the Oppy, there are great stories about Flèches world-wide. There is a history stretching back over one hundred years. The Flèche is the very birth of Audax.

But back to QLD. These are the facts. They are not in dispute. (Actually they are, I am missing the team members of two 2010 teams: “Southern Invaders” & “John’s Orphans”).

The total number of Queensland Oppy riders, since the dawn of time: 115 (Female 20, Male 95; is this a higher female/male ratio than average?).

Total Queensland Oppy rides: 169.

Who has the most successful Queensland Oppy rides?
A three-way tie between Dave Minter, Vaughan Kippers & Martin Pearson: 6 Queensland Oppys each. (Noting that Dave Minter also has a non-Queensland Oppy to his name).

Queensland Record (Male team):
500k “A Pair of Nicks with Two Dicks” (Nick Burnett, Nick Fisk, Ant Richardson); 2015
Queensland Record (Female team):
365k “Four Generations” (Anne Latimer, Deb Aitchenson, Holli Linklater, Lynne James); 2013
Queensland Record (Mixed team):
412k “The Southern Invaders” (Paul Cribb, Alex Murray, Martin Pearson, Lisa Turner); 2008

These Queensland records are all ripe for the picking.

The full list of Qld riders that have previously felt the call of the Flèche is here.
Do YOU feel the call of the Flèche?

*The details are detailed. The Oppy info here; Oppy rules here. To briefly explain the simple concept:
Ride1 as a team2 of at least 3 riders3 at least 360k4,5 in 24hr.6,7,8,9

1 Audax ride rules apply (see here).
2 A team of at least 3 and at most 5.a
3 “riders” means “bikes”; so if you used 5 tandems bikes, you could have 10 people on your team.
4 The distance is submitted along with the route before the ride to the Oppy coordinator for approval. The route is one of your own design.
5 Route design: Must follow Audax unwritten rules like not going over the same roadb in the same direction more than once. Also any supporters are only allowed to provide supportc at controls (most Oppys are ridden unsupported).
6 In addition to the ride being completed in 24 hr, at least 25 km must be ridden in the last two hours.d,e
7 The ride starts at 8am Saturday 18th March (usually at a different place for each team) and finishes at 8am Sunday 19th March at the same place (Brothers Leagues club, Ipswich). A nutritious breakfast is available there for post-ride calorie deficit recovery.
8 The 20% rule. If after 24 hours, youg have not completed your ride, but you have less than 20% of your nominated distance remaining, then record your position at this time and you can still be counted as finishing successfully.f,j
9 The 15% rule. If, after you have completed your ride, youg still have some time left, you may ride up to 15% further than your nominated distance.h,i

a At least 3 riders must finish.
b “Road” in this context includes street, highway, thoroughfare, lane, etc..
c Excepting extreme weather conditions where water can be left at points along the course.
d This will test your tube-changing technique if you puncture towards the end of the ride. In addition it ensures that all teams will finish in a similar time.
e At the 22nd hour (6am) the team must stop and record their position on their Oppy brevet.
f As long as your completed distance is at least 360km.
g “you” here means “you and your team”.
h The Oppy coordinator will provide you with route so that you can complete this extra distance.
i If you have completed point 6 above, you will have ridden 25k in the last two hours before you arrive. If you still have time, you can do more. ie You planned 360k; you arrived at 7am having done your 25k since 6am; you can say to the Oppy organizer: “Please can we do more?” Yes you can. You can do up to 54 km (15%) more. This would then be 79k in the last two hours.
j Must be signed by a shop-keeper, police officer, passer-by or other disinterested person.

Phew. But don’t relax just yet. Next Newsletter we will go through the Petit Oppy rules.
Ride as a team of at least 3 riders at least 180k in 14 hours.
I know… it sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The FNQ GT Series


The registrations are now open. Access both GT and 6-pack registrations here.

This will definitely sell out, so don’t leave your registration too late.

Audax QLD Jersey


Orders must be in by 10th Feb 2017. If you have not yet placed your order, please email Peter Jenkins straight away ( These are great jerseys at a great price ($50: >$30 off the normal price).



This years AGM will again be held at the Hamilton Wheelers Clubhouse. (Location here)
Sunday: 10 am, 26th February, 2017.
Everyone can go and should go.

Why should you go? It’s interesting. You get to see the “issues”, such as they are. Don’t be afraid, innocent bystanders do not find themselves suddenly elected.
How do you get there? Go on the AGM ride (7AM start). At the end of the ride is the AGM. See below.

Brisbane Short Bike Film Festival

Make sure you go to see this on 3rd March at the Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point. Tickets here
You just might see the Audax Queensland entry:

The password is: audax

The Secret Pro:

The last Secret Pros were: John & Yoko.

Correct answers in order received: Brian Hornby, Keith Heindrich, Kym Raffelt, Dino Morgante.

“The Rider” algorithm:
page 4: ” He looks like the giant who was always throwing Chaplin out of restaurants.”
fourth word: “the” 3 letters
winner: Kym Raffelt

However, just as you are advised to change your password periodically, I am changing the algorithm next newsletter. (Least someone cracks the code.) Study up on Russell Mockridge’s “My World on Wheels”.

The current IOU beer/coffee list: Dave Minter 5; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 2; Peter Robertson 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2. You have to ride to collect. I will be more diligent in paying off these winnings. Especially with the anticipated prize money from the award-winning video above.

Today’s Secret Pro is a 20th century legend, seen (at left) about to play a bicycle in his early days:
“Without deviations from the norm, progress is not possible.” Who is it?

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly “calculated” from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Flower Power 400 – Saturday Feb 11th 2017

400k mixed terrain, 5500m+ climbing, 2am start, back of Glorious. What’s not to like?
This ride has now been cancelled as the forecast is for 40oC in the regions to be ridden.

Esk at Night – Saturday Feb 18th 2017

This is a fully supported Audax ride with 100, 200 & 300 km ride distances to choose from. Takes in the sights of Esk, Somerset and Laidley valleys. The first 100 km or so will be in daylight and the rest will be at night. Enjoy the tranquility of riding through the night on quiet country roads.

The AGM Ride – Sunday Feb 26th 2017

Revolution may be upon us!

Upcoming Rides:

Esk at Night – Saturday Feb 18th 2017

These 100, 200 & 300 km rides take in the sights of Esk, Somerset and Laidley valleys. About 100 km of the ride will be in daylight and the rest at night. Lights required for the 100, 200 and 300 km events. Fully supported ride.

Start: Esk; 2:00 pm
Costs (member/nonmember) : $15/25 100k; $25/35 200k; $35/45 300k
Distances/Map: 100 BA
Distances/Map: 200 BRM
Distances/Map: 300 BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported: yes
Lighting Rules Apply: Yes
Contact: Kym Raffelt (0431 471 839 /

QLD AGM – Sunday Feb 26th 2017

Flat, friendly and fifty! An easy pre-AGM ride to set the mood. (AGM starts at 10.00AM).

Start: Nundah Criterium Circuit 7:00AM
Costs: $20 members / $30 non members
Distance/Map: 50k BA
Supported: Yes
Lighting Rules Apply: No
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375 /
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