Newsletter: 7th March, 2017

Sometimes you can identify people from their bikes, other times you can do it just from their tyres.

(And that’s Peter Watson & Justin Bennett above on the AGM ride.)

Ride News:

A large outbreak of riding occurred in the past two weeks:

Koumala Calling – 200k BRM: Saturday Feb 25th 2017

Peter Robertson & Jennifer Townley

QLD AGM – 50k BA: Sunday Feb 26th 2017

Leah Barnett, Justin Bennett, David Booth, Ruth Brown, Nicholas Burnett, Peter Gallagher, Rosamond Godwin, Lindsay Green, Brian Hornby, Peter Jenkins, Vaughan Kippers, John McMullan, Anthony Richardson, Mark Riley, Peter Watson, Britta Wigginton. (The new on-line system is great. It not only gives me the riders names, but also provides them in alphabetical order.)
The recent fires made the Boondall wetlands section especially eerie:

Get Your Cape and Hatton – 200k BRM: Saturday March 4th 2017

Peter Robertson & Jennifer Townley

Berry Good 200 – 200k BRM: Saturday March 4th 2017

Raoul Dover, Hugh Fryson, Ant Richardson, Mark Riley, Peter Watson.
Flat and fast! Great support from “motoman” John McMullan:

Laidley was looking both festive and xenophobic:

Crepe Escape – 47k BD: Sunday March 5th 2017

73 riders! Too many to name. See the report below.

River Loop March – 50k BA: Tuesday March 7th 2017

Brian Hornby, Peter Jenkins, Ken Marshall, John McMullan, Grant Noble, Mark Riley, Kelvin Weng, Britta Wigginton

I’m always looking to put stuff in the Ride News section if ROs want to promote their rides by sending in pics/words; or if riders want to send in ride reports.

Ride Reports:

Horizontal 100 (perm) – (11/2/17) – John McMullan

Crepe Escape – (5/3/17) – Gayle Sticher


“The OPPY”, the FOADT, or the Flèche Opperman All Day Trial

Last chance to get your teams in. See contact details and registration pages below.
The team captain registers first, entering the Team Name. Other members then register under their team name.

And by the way I found some style tips for Oppy (La Flèche) attire: Lipstick, pantaloons and a cravat. Tick, tick and tick.

Strava Art

Everybody likes a ride that tells a story. Or paints a picture. Like the Mulgowie Moose:

On the weekend, I found a possible case of art plagiarism on the Berry Good 200:

Great route, great scenery, quiet flat roads. No wonder it’s popular. Then there is the Marburg Warthog:

However these rides always leave me a bit unsatisfied. They use the same valleys, but you have to the turn around point before the end of the road, there is more bitumen ahead. What’s down there?

Maybe a ride could be extended to become the Mulgowie Moose on Stilts:

But at 253k, it doesn’t fit an Audax distance. It could be cut back to a 200k ride: The Jellyfish

Queensland Jerseys

The elves at Scody have been busy and the Queensland Jerseys are on the press. Secret footage of the process has been obtained. I was expecting a large sweat-shop full of people: child labourers with scurvy, indentured seamstresses, etc at the Scody factory in Musgrave Rd. But manufacturing has apparently moved on and mainly uses “machines”.
Firstly, a special mirror-image printer puts the design onto paper:

And if you are wondering why it takes so long to make a jersey:

The ink on the paper is then sublimated to their finest “maxo-comfy” grade fabric:

This has laid to rest my greatest fear, I was worried that the Maroon would not be Maroon enough. But as you can see the Maroon reaches or even exceeds Maroon standards for Queensland.

The fabric then goes through a series of rigorous mechanical tests. After all, these jerseys must cover bulging Audax stomachs without failure. The fabric is impregnated with nano-particles at this step.

The fabric is then wound to a bolt and is left in a cave to properly age for several weeks.

A laser-bot then cuts the pattern (individually according to the exact measurements that you gave to Scody). Everyone gets a bespoke jersey.

Finally, the pieces are put in to a self-assembly agitator (not shown) that spins at high frequency, thus creating the seamless joins that Scody are most famous for.

Don’t you wish that you ordered extra?


Awards were on hand at the AGM this year and Sandy Vigar made the presentations.

Audax Australia Awards:
25,000 km Lifetime Award – Pat Lehane
Year Round Randonneur Award – Pat Lehane, Brian Hornby, Gayle Sticher
5,000 km Annual Award – Brian Hornby, Peter Watson
2,500 km Annual Award – Pat Lehane
1,000 km Annual Award – Ant Richardson
Super Series – Brian Hornby
Nouveau Randonneur – Brian Hornby

Audax Queensland Awards:
The Martin Pearson Award for the most distance ridden by a Queensland member was won this year by Brian Hornby. (Only the most handsome cyclists win this award).

The Gale Schaub Award was won by Peter Watson.

Your Newly Elected Committee for 2017:
President: Brian Hornby
Vice-President: vacant
Treasurer: Kym Raffelt
Brevet Secretary: Nick Burnett
Calendar Secretary: Peter Jenkins
Communications: Mark Riley
General Committee Members: Justin Bennett, Peter Gallagher, Rosie Godwin, Lindsay Green, Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane, John McMullen, Anthony Richardson, Gayle Sticher, Peter Watson


The Secret Pro:

The last newsletter Secret Pro was: Mario Cipollini.

Mario is a cyclist who likes dressing up (or not). Correct answers in order received: Dave Minter, David Booth, Peter Jenkins. Part of the perks of doing the newsletter is getting to read people’s answers:

Dave Minter: I’ve not got my glasses on, so I can’t check if Cipo’s chipolata is actually visible in that photo. Doesn’t look too bad for an old bloke.
David Booth: The secret pro is Mario Cipollini, wearing his Columbian Women’s Cycling Team kit.
Peter Jenkins: I think it’s Mario Cipollini…. but he’s on the wrong brand of bike.

Three entries equals 2nd entry wins: David Booth

The current IOU beer/coffee list: David Booth 1; Brian Hornby 1; Dave Minter 5; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 2; Peter Robertson 1; Rod Staines 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2. You have to ride to collect.

Today’s Secret Pro is:

Email answers to: The winner is drawn randomly “calculated” from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Smashing Mee – Saturday March 11th 2017

Experience the world best spicy rice at the top of Mt Mee. Or as Bob would say:

To be on your own, with no direction home
….like a rolling stone
. – Did he ride a bike?

Upcoming Rides:

Smashing Mee – Saturday March 11th 2017

A scenic hilly 200 that will give you plenty of excuses to get off your bike to take a photo or two. Dayborro and Mt Mee with a few dirt roads and 4500 of vertical gain. What else could you ask for? The only way is up!

Start: 37 Yathong Court Arana Hills 6:00AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $25/$35
Distance: 200k BRM
On-line rego: here
Supported/Lighting Rules: Yes/Yes
Contact: Andrew Bragg (0434 284 532 /

TrOPPYcal Fun – Mackay – Saturday March 18th 2017

Teams of 3-5 riders. Each team chooses its own start point and course. A minimum of 360km must be ridden in 24hrs from Sat morning. All rides finish at Mackay, followed by a breakfast for all: riders & supporters.

Start: Your Choice 8AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $6/16
Distance: 360k+
On-line rego: here
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497 270 621 /

Opperman All Day Trial – SEQ – Saturday March 18th 2017

Teams of 3-5 riders. Each team chooses its own start point and course. A minimum of 360km must be ridden in 24hrs, or 180k in 14 hrs from Sat morning. All rides finish at Ipswich, followed by a breakfast for all: riders & supporters.

Start: Your Choice 8AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $6/16
Distance: 180k+ or 360k+
On-line rego: 180k+, 360k+
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Mark Riley (0416 802 834 /

Fleche’s Big TrOppy – FNQ – Saturday March 18th 2017

Teams of 3-5 riders. Choose your own starting point and plan your own route – just ride 360km in the 24hrs, or 180k in 14 hrs from Saturday morning. Join all the teams for a Sunday morning breakfast at Port Douglas to brag about your efforts!

Start: Your Choice 8AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $6/16
Distance: 180k+, 360k+
On-line rego: 180k+, 360k+
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Gayle Sticher (0428 440 411 /

Round The Mountains 400 – Saturday Mar 25th 2017

Scenic ride from Ferny Hills, through Caboolture, Kilcoy, Esk etc. around the mountains west of Brisbane back to Ferny Hills.

Start: Ferny Hills 6AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $6/16
Distance/Map: 400k BRM
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418 711 417 /

Yeronga Medley 2 – 2017 – Saturday Apr 1st 2017

Reasonably flat course with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. We start with part of the river loop, and then head west, taking in the Scenic Rim and the Brisbane & Lockyer Valleys. Please contact me if you need any sleeping arrangements.

Start: Yeronga 6AM
Costs (member/nonmember): $6/16
Distances/Map: 110k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes (except for 110k)
Contact: Anthony Richardson (0467 771 869 /
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