Newsletter: 18th April, 2017

How many Tableland Towns in a day?

Ride News:

Eight Tablelands Towns in a Day – Sunday April 9th 2017

Held for the second time, the “Eight Tablelands Towns in a Day” ride, marks the first year of Audax rides in FNQ, and 580 Audax brevets carried in jersey pockets over the year. Well done FNQ! And well done RO Gayle Sticher.
63 riders registered for this year’s ride, 51 for the 100km and 12 for the 200km rides. Ride Report below.

The Yarraman Yowie – Friday Apr 14th 2017

Up Dale and Through Vale – Saturday Apr 15th 2017

Please Sir, can I have some Moore? – Sunday Apr 16th 2017

The Easter Dirt Series using parts of the BVRT, brought to you by RO Simon Faber. As if there were not enough suffering over Easter.
Thankfully one rider posted on Strava, allowing me to steal pictures and to make some stuff up. The problem is that I usually rely on identifying people by their bikes. However, being on Mountain Bikes, I can only guess that I see Raoul Dover, Simon Faber, Peter Jenkins and Vaughan Kippers.

In the country they are thoughtful and polite:

In the city, they are more direct:

Beautiful scenery and it would have been a nice train journey before these bloody cyclist took over:

Permanents – anytime!

Just a plug here for the permanents. Got a free day? Do a permanent. More and more of these are being made available in Queensland. The current list of the Queensland permanents is on the Audax website (Go here). This list also contains links to the maps. Find a ride near to your house. For some rides you can start at a control of your choice. You may as well get rid of your car.
The Permanents Registration page is here. If you go to the rego page, log-on and choose your region, you can not only register, but also see who is already registered for future rides. And it includes the start time and date that they are riding, which means that you could organise to join someone else if you wished.
Of course, a lot of match-making goes on over social media these days. Shayne Fox and Brian Hornby organised a Peachy Mee date on Facebook last Saturday. Looking good guys!

Ride Reports:

Eight Tablelands Towns in a Day (09/04/17) – Gayle Sticher


The HAMR record

Amanda Coker now has the Highest Annual Mileage Record – the most distance ridden in a year – a month before her year is up. The record was 122,432 km / year. She is now banging out 425 km a day, every day and has a month to go. And to save you the trouble, that’s 3000km a week, boosting the record to ~135,000 km for the year. Better start training.

FNQ: GT and 6-Pack Series

Entries are closing on the 30th of April.
GT Series: Ride a Super Series (200+300+400+600k=1500k) in 8 days.
6-Pack: Ride 6 consectutive 100 or 200k (or a mixture) rides in 6 days.
All in the beautiful Far North Queensland.
Website & Rego page: here.

The Secret Pro:

The last newsletter the Secret Pro was: Tintin in “The Blue Lotus”.

In order of receiving correct answers: Peter Jenkins, Leonie Lucas, Leah Barnett, Keith Heinrich. Four correct answerers: 3rd answerer wins: Leah Barnett. The wife wins & is easily paid off.

And if you doubt that Tintin could be a Secret Pro, you must remember his participation in the ’53 Tour:

The current IOU beer/coffee list: David Booth 3; Brian Hornby 1; Leonie Lucas 1; Dave Minter 5; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 2; Peter Robertson 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2.

Today’s Secret Pro is:

You may recognise Oppy on the newly released “Five Star”, but who is the even more famous Secret Pro on the Malvern Star Ladies Roadster?

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

1 Lump or 2- Saturday April 22nd 2017

How sweet it is:
100k: 113 km + 2243 m
200k: 223 km + 3336 m
A couple of lumpy favorites, with bonus distance at no extra charge.

Downs & Back 200 300 400 600 – Sunday April 29th 2017

This ride has been around for a while and has many success stories. The no-hoper pictured above was making a mess of his life until he was sentenced to do The Downs & Back. Is it time for you to do that 600k? The D&B only comes around once a year. Several riders have expressed an interest, but Vaughan will need numbers in time to make the motel bookings.

Upcoming Rides:

1 Lump or 2- Saturday April 22nd 2017

100km – 1st 50km 2 climbs, undulating sharp pinches then great descent. 200km – 4 climbs, 30km of flat, others undulating. Both are challenging rides

Start: Jindalee 6AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps 100k (BA), 200k (BRM)
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes for 200k
Contact: Roger Hawley (07 3279 1225 /

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Tuesday April 25th 2017

Ride the backroads up to Broken River with one killer of a climb at the halfway mark. Enjoy the views before returning to Mackay. Beware the cattle grids on the exhilarating roll back down the Mountain.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay 5:00 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 200k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497 270 621 /

Mt Mee dawn service – Tuesday April 25th 2017

Early morning we remember those that went before us to give and sacrifice so much. Riding from Samford to the Mt Mee service, opposite the Mt Mee School. Riders are free to ride their own path or go beyond on the return trip. Mt Mee is 50km, one way.

Start: Samford park. 3:00 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance: 50k BA
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Andrew Bragg (0434 284 532 /

Downs & Back 200 300 400 600 – Sunday April 29th 2017

Short 200, Medium 300, Long 400 or Longer 600. Westlake to Ma Ma Creek, Toowoomba or Dalby on Darling Downs and return.

Start: Westlake ; 7:00 am
Costs: $20 members / $30 non members (accom extra for 600)
On-line rego: here
Distance/maps: 200, 300, 400, 600k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Vaughan Kippers (07 33766761 /

River Loop May- Tuesday 2nd May 2017

A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd.

Start: Regatta, Toowong; 5:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps: 50, 100
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418 711 417 /

Flat Out (Well…Out) – Saturday 6th May 2017

Visiting many of the smaller towns in the Mackay District this ride is the warm up for the SK600 in June. If you can ride this, you can 300km you will probably survive the 600.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay 5:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
Distance/Map: 300k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497 270 621 /

May Mayhem (Formerly April Animation) – Saturday 6th May 2017

A scenic ride to Kilcoy for lunch, Peachester for afternoon tea, and an easy ride back to Brighton.

Start: 10 Sunwell St. Brighton; 7AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps: 300k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375 /
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