Newsletter: 2nd May, 2017

The Slanting Rainbow was sighted at The Downs & Back!

Ride News:

1 Lump or 2 – Saturday April 22nd 2017

Peter Watson and Roger Hawley did the 100k. However, due to RO Roger’s cunning ride design, they still managed to get in both lumps.

Mt Mee Dawn Service – Tuesday Apr 25th 2017

Shayne Fox, Peter Jenkins, John McMullan and Mark Riley were up for the pre-dawn 50k. RO Andrew Bragg was on hand at the end to offer additional distance (declined by all).

And it was the full service. Hymns, songs, marching, poetry, bagpipes, bible-reading, wreath-laying, anthem-singing using the local medal-wearers, firemen, police and school kids. Army cadets formed a guard of honour in a ring to protect the pine (grown from seeds found at the site and therefore descendant of THE lone pine in Gallipoli). Two cadets passed out during the service and were immediately replaced by spares. The ring was activated and deactivated by a complex series of hand signals. Two flags were flying for the Anzacs and two national anthems were sung. Mt Mee is a very small community, but they have this fantastic view over the glasshouse mountains that appeared with the sunrise. The only interruption was when the air started growling and four WW2 vintage De Havillands suddenly dropped out of the sun in a close formation flyby. Wow.

The Downs & Back – Saturday April 29th 2017

Eight riders on the D&B: Brett Bramwell, Craig Campbell, Simon Faber, John McMullan, Gayle Sticher, Peter Watson (200k); Mark Riley, Paul Witzerman (300k). Brett & Craig on their first Audax ride and their first 200k. Well done! RO Vaughan Kippers was chuffed that all starters finished. He was also busy with the camera:
I am doing a Marco Pantani, and also demonstrating to the Rapha lout in front that horizontal stripes are so 2016.

Paul is faffing around outside with arm-warmers, missing out on the nutritious food on offer.

And I bet everyone knows where this is:

Ride Reports:

A ride report that I missed in the last newsletter:
Dirt Series 2017 (14-16/4/17) Peter Jenkins
Dirt Series: The Yarraman Yowie (70k), Up Dale and Through Vale (100k), Please Sir, can I have some Moore? (35k).


The Earliest Queensland Ride Report

The earliest Queensland Ride report on the website is 10th June 2000, written by John Gowty. It was taken from Checkpoint 4 (no page number, but you’ll easily find it: this Petit Checkpoint only had 4 pages). The 300km ride report can be read here, and is clearly April Animation (aka March Madness / May Mayhem).

The questions are: (and I don’t know the answers):
1) What was this ride called? (being ridden in June).
2) Does anyone know an earlier Qld ride report?
(Lindsay Green wrote a report for the “Four Figure Foray” 1000k run on 1st Jan 1995 (here), but this doesn’t count; it was written recently from memory)

FNQ: GT and 6-Pack Series

Entries are now close. 14 have registered for the Grand Turismo Series (200,300,400,600k rides in 8 days) and 22 have registered for the 6-pack Series (6 consecutive 100 (light) or 200 (heavy) rides or a mixture of both (mid-strength)). Commiserations to those that missed out.

Checkpoint: Get yourself in print!


The Autumn issue of Checkpoint is at the printer and we hope to have it in the mail by the end of this week. In the meantime, the online version is available on the Audax Australia members’ portal:

The Winter issue approaches and the editor needs contributions by Sunday 7 May, please send to Winter is the time for your Oppy reports, so please submit yours by this weekend. Other ride reports and articles of interest to Audax members are also welcome. See the contributor’s guidelines at

Many thanks,
Editor/Producer Checkpoint Magazine

IPWR: last rider finished

Christie Hamilton has finished the IPWR, making 19 finishers from 70 starters. The race was called off after Mike Hall was killed and some opted to continue riding in touring mode.

From the sometimes Audax rider Craig Fry:
The Indian Pacific Wheel Race and questions we are left.
Does everything and nothing change when a cyclists dies?

Martin Pearson

Sandy and family had a tough job on Anzac Day. It must have been hard, but I’m glad it’s there. (And yes, the seat is a bit low.)

The much-delayed trial of the hit-and-run driver continues in Warwick Court, June 12 – 16th.


It is easy to be overwhelmed with the number of cyclists that are being killed on Australian roads. The technology trial below, if successful, could make a real difference. Hopefully, it will result in something equivalent in effectiveness to the speed camera. Judging by the number of drivers that try to squeeze past on an average ride, the government should have an enormous new revenue stream. Or just maybe drivers’ behaviour will change…

Minimum passing distance technology trial.
It’s great to see a state with the word “Audax” in their emblem take the lead.

Yehuda Moon

Get your daily dose here.

Lamborghini riding

After a recent out-break of Lamborghini riding, apparently it is now officially “a thing”.

360o Keiran

click & move your mouse around on this one.


Leonie Lucas is trying to find a home for (the bike):

Those interested should contact her directly ( So far she’s been offered an assortment of twigs, some bush mulch and three tail feathers.

The Secret Pro:

In the last newsletter the Secret Pro was: Majorie Lawrence.

Majorie was a famous opera star, and was the first person to perform the immolation scene in Götterdämmerung by riding [her horse] into the flames as Wagner intended. Like Oppy, she was a huge sensation back in the day; and a household name in both Australia and France. Happenstance brought these two super-stars together and the twitter-verse of the day went ballistic. Here’s an excerpt from her biography:

Imagine witnessing Oppy’s 1931 PBP win! And by the way what a great photo! Oppy is pretty much the only person (excepting Tintin of course) capable of making “plus-fours” look cool.

OK, that’s stopped the coffee drain. Zero correct entries, although there were some good period correct answers: Joyce Barry, Irene Plowman.
The IOU beer/coffee list remains: David Booth 3; Brian Hornby 1; Leonie Lucas 1; Dave Minter 5; Dino Morgante 1; Kym Raffelt 2; Peter Robertson 1; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2.

Today’s Secret Pro is:

Ohh please, bring back le Biff to le Tour! Bernard Hinault is thwacking a hapless shipyard-worker with a right while holding him so that the Secret Pro wear the cap at the back can get in a solid elbow. Who is he?

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

May Mayhem 300k – Saturday May 6th 2017

April Animation in its many guises has been around for a long time. It is a ride with one of the largest number of ride reports: 10th June 2000, 23rd April 2011, 4th April 2015, 26th March 2016. Click on the links to relive the fun.

Fassifern Folly 200k – Sunday May 14th 2017

Nirvana in our time! This is the legendary ride created, edited, directed and fully supported by RO Rosie & helpers. In this day of fewer and fewer supported rides, this one is a classic 200k not to be missed.

Upcoming Rides:

Flat Out (Well…Out) – Saturday 6th May 2017

Visiting many of the smaller towns in the Mackay District this ride is the warm up for the SK600 in June. If you can ride this, you can 300km you will probably survive the 600.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay 5:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/Map: 300k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497 270 621 /

May Mayhem (Formerly April Animation) – Saturday 6th May 2017

A scenic ride to Kilcoy for lunch, Peachester for afternoon tea, and an easy ride back to Brighton.

Start: 10 Sunwell St. Brighton; 7AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps: 300k
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375 /

Fassifern Folly – Sunday May 14th 2017

A meander through the food bowl of the Fassifern Valley taking in country scenery and mountain vistas. The ride will be undulating and traverse some of the less travelled roads in the valley.

Start: Ipswich; 7AM
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances: 200k
Supported/Lighting Rules: Yes/Yes
Contact: Rosie Godwin (0421 546 118 /

Glorious Foursome – Saturday May 20th 2017

Explore four faces of glorious Mt Glorious, just for fun. With lots of fast descending and wonderful views, this is a ride for the hardy and determined rider.

Start: The Gap 6:30 AM
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps: 160km BA
Supported/Lighting Rules: Yes/No
Contact: Paul Witzerman (0412 402 673 /

Beach and Bush – Saturday Jun 3rd 2017

A pleasant and scenic ride on country roads and coastal urban areas. Will traverse some hills on rural roads in second quarter of ride while the final quarter takes in the coastal scenery of the Sunshine Coast.

Start: Mooloolaba 7AM
Costs: $30 members / $35 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance: 200 km BRM
Supported/Lighting Rules: Yes/Yes
Contact: Errol Ross (0437 377 657 /
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