Newsletter: 25th July, 2017

So you like cycling long distance? Although you could register, perhaps this is just one to watch rather than participate in. Currently happening now, The Trans-Siberian Extreme is a 9,200km ultra-stage bike race from Moscow to Vladivostok following the Trans-Siberian Railway….

Social Media

Did you know we have a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page for Audax Queensland? What’s the difference? The Page is effectively the face of our club where we can share information of past and upcoming rides and the Group is for members and friends of the club to communicate with each other. We recently changed the name of the Group to Audax Qld Riders to clearly distinguish the two. If you’re on Instagram you can also follow, tag and share our new profile @audaxqueensland.

Ride News:

6 Bumps and 1 Hill – Saturday 15th July 2017

200km had 28 riders: Hugh Fyson, Justin Bennett, Brian Hornby, John McMullan, Andrew Bragg, Christopher Neve, Mark Riley, Emily Catlin, Arron Veltre, Rosamond Godwin, Peter Jenkins, Pat Lehane, James Nitis, Daniel Nicholls, Raoul Dover, Chris Richardson, Daniel SILVA, Ian Nimmo (DNF), Vaughan Kippers, Chris Lewthwaite, Peter Watson, Tara Horner, Mark Fulloon, Anthony Richardson, Kym Raffelt (DNF), Anne Latimer, Roger Hawley, Mark Harris

Get High on the Tablelands – Sunday 16th July 2017

63 riders total with a mix of both 100km and 200km: Michael Lee, Mary Ann Allen, Dietmar Reimann, Charlene Allen, Melissa Ernst, Graham Jensen, Jayne Steinborner, Sean McGuinness, Mary McGuinness, Kevin Talbot, Juanita Barter, Marina Harcot, Darren Sinn, Peter Butterss, Lynn Butters, Joe O’Dea, Lloyd Stonadge, Chris Head, Darren Cousins, Mary-Anne Elkington, Warren Pike, Ian Jackson, Glynis Perkins, Eril Anderson, Adam Ewart, Joanna Parker, Andrew Burrows, Nadine Edwards, Aimee Ingram, Elizabeth Blooms, Cameron Ford, Kirsten Standage, Jonathan Standage, Peter Kyriakides, Thiabault Fregoni, Ronald Spargo, Susanne Green, Rodney Green, Scott Chamberlin, Justine Chamberlin, Daniel Bakurski, Carmel Bakurski, Gary Perkins, Keith Fearon, Rod Miller, Timeah Archer, Ian Kruger, Joe Pilat, Phil Anderson, Jane Hutchinson, Deborah Gillespie, Mark Kerswell, Gayle Sticher, Tony Pappas, Callum Jones, Chris Keir, Dianne Knight, Mitchell Knight, Tony Quinn, Nick Wardrop, Lynette Heweston, Kellie Eustace, Grer Broesder.

MalenyMee – Saturday 22nd July 2017

300km had one rider: Jeff Franklin
150km had seven riders: Brian Hornby, James Nitis, Vaughan Kippers, John McMullan, Peter Watson, Peter Jenkins, Scott McCarthy

Ride Reports:

MalenyMee 150km – July 15th 2017
by Vaughan Kippers

Eight of us arrived at Brian’s house before the 6am start, with only one rider attempting the 300k version. As I do for most rides, I just wore knicks and a long sleeved jersey, but most other riders were better prepared for the cold start, which got colder as we approached Samford. Peter J commented that he would like to buy a pair of flesh-coloured leg warmers “just like yours”. I really appreciated avoiding Samford Road, using the alternative cycleway route, following an old railway line. Brian, who guided us through the cycleway route, had been so intent on looking after the other riders that he had forgotten his bidons, so I lent him one.

It didn’t take long for me to lose feeling in my frozen hands and fingers, which made changing gear harder than normal. I have recently bought a pair of MTB gloves, which have not yet been worn. This would have been a perfect time to christen them! Despite being fairly well rugged-up, John had “frozen” feet until about half-way up the Mount Mee climb.

As we cycled from Samford to Dayboro, the group broke up. James had moved ahead very early and Scott was following him. We had a short break at Dayboro where I found that I could thaw my hands with a cold water tap. We headed off from Dayboro for the Mount Mee climb before Brian & John arrived. Little did we know that Brian had the first of his four punctures of the day before reaching Dayboro. Probably time to replace his tyres?

I managed to keep with Peter J up the climb – something I could not have done five weeks ago! Peter W waited for us at the top of the climb where Peter J asked if I was “into introspection”. Puzzled, I said I believed in reflective practice, but Peter replied that I failed on that score because I had been wearing my reflective vest inside out from the start! We proceeded toward Wamuran and Peter W soon rode off into the distance while Peter J and I rode together. I have always been a slow cautious descender but I realised on Campbells Pocket Road, that Peter J is even more cautious. Scott and Peter W were at Control #1 when we arrived, but soon took off on Stage 2. Peter J and I waited for Brian, not realising that Brian had his third puncture a couple of hundred metres before the Wamuran Bakery, so he walked there and replaced the tube on the deck behind the bakery.

Eventually, four of us left with the intention of staying together for the rest of the ride. Along Old North Road there was a sign warning that the road ahead was closed, so we took the Bellmere Road “detour”. We found out later that the three riders ahead of us chose to ignore the official warning sign and they negotiated the roadworks successfully. We made up for the lost kms by taking a more scenic route through Scarborough. We chose a bakery in Scarborough for Control #2, where we spent limited time. Just outside the “Eventide Old Peoples Home” as we called it when I was in primary school, now known as “Brighton Health Campus”, Brian punctured for the fourth and final time. I took the opportunity to lie on the footpath and commented that I should have a sleep to prevent me falling asleep at my planned formal dinner that night. The next minute, I was kicked awake from a deep sleep, which was probably better than being found by Health Campus employees who may have taken me in, thinking that I had escaped from their facility. Thanks for suggesting that Peter! The roadworks on Telegraph Road indicate that conditions will be improved for cyclists in the future. Still a bit tricky at the moment.

When we arrived back at Brian’s, his daughter, Britta, was there to welcome us and take a photo of the “famous four”. I was the only one not wearing an Audax Queensland jersey; sorry Brian, Peter & John. It was a very pleasant social day, only spoiled by some motorists/passengers yelling out “get off the road”, “idiots”, “roadkill” etc. Send them to a re-education camp, I say!


Audax QLD Jerseys Back on Sale!

As modelled above, the Audax QLD jerseys from Scody are still available. There is limited stock available for immediate delivery. First in first served. Both long and short sleeve versions available: each for the same low price of $65. Contact: Peter Jenkins


Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme

So you like cycling long distance? Although you could register, perhaps this is just one to watch rather than participate in. Currently happening now, The Trans-Siberian Extreme is a 9,200km ultra-stage bike race from Moscow to Vladivostok following the Trans-Siberian Railway.

24 days, 14 stages and 80,000m of elevation gain. The race is currently in its 8th day. You can follow along on Facebook.

Reasons to follow the Trans-Siberian (Inc. Recap Video)



New Studies on Cyclist Visibility

The study ran two experiments.
1. How conspicuous is certain apparel?
2. How conspicuous are tail lights?

Have a read of the RoadBikeRider article here:

1200km Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 2017


November 19-22. You’re invited to be part of the third edition of this classic randonnee, which starts on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and finishes in downtown Melbourne. Along the way you’ll ride through Australia’s national capital and traverse the Snowy Mountains, Australia’s alpine range.

The information pages have been updated and you can see those here.

1200km Perth-Albany-Perth (PAP) 2018

To qualify to ride the PAP, which will be held in the second week of October 2018 you must have ridden a 600km brevet between November 1 2017 and the registration date. Registration will open April/May 2018.

This ride will be semi self-supported. Organisers will only man/lady overnight sleep controls with bed, dinner and breakfast.

Here are some local Brisbane 600km’s that could have you qualify in time (provided registration doesn’t close before the last in this list).
Yeronga Medley 1 600km – December 9 2017
Yeronga Medley 2 600km – April 7 2018
Downs & Back 600km – May 5 2018

PAP Facebook Page

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pro was:

Richard Nixon, the 37th U.S President.


Presidents on Bicycles – Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Reagan – they all love bikes.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry also loves bikes and that bothered Donald Trump during his campaign.

This weeks Secret Pro:

Upcoming Rides:

Rathdowney Rumble – Sunday July 30th 2017

Bring a camera as going through beautiful countryside of Rathdowney (coffeee) -Woodenbong-Tooloom Lookout- Urbanville -Woodenbong-small loop around base of Mt Barney finishing at Rathdowney (food).

Start: Rathdowney 6:30 AM
Costs: $50 members / $50 non members
Distance: 160 km BA
Supported/Lighting Rules: Yes/Yes
Contact: Roger Hawley (0439 328 400 /

River Loop July – Tuesday 1st August 2017

A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd.

Start: Regatta, Toowong; 5:30 am
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/Maps: 50, 100
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Brian Hornby (0418 711 417 /

Low and High UAF – Saturday Aug 5th 2017

A group in the UAF style on relatively quiet roads starting at Middle Park, breakfast at Peak Crossing, morning tea at Rosewood and a lunch stop at the historic Glamorganvale Hotel. Breakfast and morning tea provided.

Start: Middle Park 6:30 AM (Updated Time)
Costs: $30 members / $40 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/map: 200k BUAF
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Chris Richardson (0433 210 996 /

Airlie Beach Return – Saturday Aug 12th 2017

Beautiful ride to Airlie Beach with stops in Calen and Bloomsbury. Wind at your back and open road in front. Lunch at Airlie Beach and then a long slow ride back into the wind.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay 5:00 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/map: 300km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497 270 621 /

Roller Coaster Ride – Saturday Aug 12th 2017

Starting on the edge of Brisbane’s northern suburbs and heading west towards the hilly Brisbane Hinterland, this ride will offer you stunning views when climbing Mt.Mee and flowy rides through cattle property’s as well as breath taking downhills

Start: Kallangur 7:00AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/map: 100km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/No
Contact: Christian Weiss (0431 401 507 /

Roller Coaster Ride

Grand Tetons

Grand Teton mountains at sunset of day eight of TransAm 2017

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks Rod, Nice to read the newsletter this week.

  2. Tara says:

    Great read! Does this mean our last rider (I want to say John?) finished 6B1H safely? We were worried he may be coming down Tomewin in the wet as well as dark.

  3. Dino says:

    Hey Mark, I see you are venturing out into the “Graphic Arts” with your Secret Pro’s segment. Probably more “graphic” than “arts”. Keep it up – can’t wait for the next smudge. LOL

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