Newsletter: 5th September, 2017.

FNQ GT & 6-Pack!
A dispatch from the field, using a phone and fat fingers.  FNQGT-Strat

The Start ….


This edition of the AudaxQLD Newsletter will be brief as we are in the field.


The final 100 km ride for the Great Northern 6 Pack gets under way. A leisurely roll back to the coast.

Links to FNQGT Facebook Galleries: here and here.


One ride left for the GT Series: 600 km starting Friday 7 September 2017.

Links to Tracker Page: here   AA1 (Charles Cooke), AA2 (Ant Richardson), AA3 (James Nitis), AA4 (Mark Riley), AA5 (Peter Butterss), AA6 (Brian Hornby), AA8 (Ronald Spargo), PD (Peter Donnan), ? (Spencer Klaassen), DK (David Kerr)

The 600 km route

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2 Responses to Newsletter: 5th September, 2017.

  1. Anthony Douglas says:

    FNQ GT 6 pack was the best organised Audax event as well as the best scenic rides on the tablelands. Well done Gayle Stitcher & Kim Christie and Mark & Nola Kerswell and the many volunteers who made our experience so good. A must do event.

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