Newsletter: 3rd October, 2017

Andrew Bragg, Nick Burnett. Inglorious photo: Justin Bennett

Ride News:

Inglorious Mee – Saturday Sep 23rd 2017

Justin Bennett, Andrew Bragg, Nick Burnett: The three B’s. Not sure what happened, but it’s definitely in the awesome category.

Marburg Warthog – Sunday Oct 1st 2017

David Booth, Andrew Bragg, Raoul Dover, Hugh Fyson, Brian Hornby, Tracey Howley, John McMullan, David Minter, Ian Nimmo, Peter Watson

Guess who? And here’s a sneak preview to the new Blade Runner:

Ride Reports:

Combined Gatton Gambol / Marburg Warthog For those who haven’t noticed: John McMullan is quietly knocking off ride after ride.


Space 4 Cycling

What a breath of fresh air Space 4 Cycling have been. Not afraid to lobby for cycling.
In early September and with the support of the West End community they created a Pop UP Bike Lane on Hardgrave Road. The Pop up Bike Lane was installed to apply political pressure for safe, separated bike lanes through out Brisbane and to raise awareness of how safe it can feel when riding in a protected space. It made the News and must have puzzled many. Cyclists… organised… protesting… You don’t normally see that in Brisbane.

Have a look at their website, they have a fair bit going on: CBD Big Push for Road Safety rides, Weekly Tuesday rides, Queens’ Wharf development submissions, etc.

Indian Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR) 2018

Many thought this race would disappear after the death of Mike Hall in the inaugural race earlier this year. Mike Hall’s Mother Pat expressed the hope that it would continue in the future. And it is.

More at the web-site here. Cyclingtips article here.
Key changes: Relay team options, entry requirements, strict lighting rules

The lighting requirements start at Audax rules, and go further.

Move over Rapha, Hi-Viz is about to get cool.

For those that haven’t seen it, there is an unofficial IPWR documentary of this year’s race. It’s 90 minutes, but set aside some time for this, it’s pretty good.

Ace 500

Worth it for the trophy alone:

“We will running a Volly Ride for the ACE 500 – ACE’s High at the Alpine Classic, Yep you get to go around twice, with an Everest+ climbing total of 8,900 mtrs and a timeframe of 24 hrs, Start/Finish, Midnight to Midnight. This is how we introduced the 320. We already have 9 Riders.

“Some details: Medals will be presented – time, date, and name engraved on them (in the shape of an ACE playing card), trophy to be kept by the first person – man or woman, home (its not a race). A cross bar route summary (self adhesive) with suggested splits will be provided (as will a spreadsheet that sets out opening and closing times for the controls and where you need to be on the course to finish by Midnight) as will specially branded ACE 500 Hi Viz vests (as with original ACE 250 vests (now a collectors item – for the very sad and lonely).

“Individual ride shirts will be available showing the crucial stats: 8,900 meters of climbing, 500 Kms distance, hills climbed at the running of the ACE 500 next year and you’ll be able to get one having done it this year. For more info please Message or Email me.” – Miles

“… whilst this announcement is posted in the Audax group and is obviously of interest to Audax members, the ACE500 isn’t an Audax brevet/event. So the questions around time limits, brevets issued etc are all moot. One day maybe, but for the moment it’s not on the books. Pretty audacious undertaking, and the riders will deserve their engraved Ace medallions for sure!” – Russell

Outback Century Cycle

The diagonal rainbow was sighted on the back of Peter Robertson in Winton, where they have really big hotels:

Audax is a Broad Church

Graeme Holdsworth visited Brisbane from the UK last year. The day after he arrived, he was guided by Nick Burnett on a hire bike to the start of one of Rosies rides. He writes an Audax blog and is not afraid to mix it with the deeper questions. Here he relates his experience being an RO: Sacrifice and Hope.

Christmas Party: 16th December, 2017

Chermside Bowls club for the evening of 16th December, 2017 for Barefoot Bowls followed by a sit down dinner. More details to follow, but note the date.



“There is nothing lighter than a hole”, so in this spirit I’ve got out the Black & Decker:

“… except the turbulence.” Here are the modeling results:


All pictures have been stolen off the Internet

The Secret Pro:

Last week’s Secret Pro was Victoria Pendleton.

Or as Dave Minter put it: ” equestrian television presenter who previously had a career as a fashion model.”

Correct entries (in order received): Dave Minter

While we don’t actually have a need for “Need for the Bike” this week, but for completeness:

Chapter 5: Longchamp (encore)
“That was the first time I really drowned in the tar.”
One correct answers -> first word -> “That ” -> 4 letters (cyclic) -> Dave Minter is the winner.

IOU beer/coffee list: David Booth 3; Mandy Greyling 1; Brian Hornby 1; Leonie Lucas 1; Peter Jenkins 2; Dave Minter 4; Dino Morgante 2; Kym Raffelt 2; Peter Robertson 1; David Taylor 2; Wayne Williams 1; Melvyn Yap 2. You have to ride to collect.

(If you didn’t see the difference from last week, that was a -1 +1 calculation.)

This weeks Secret Pro:

Who is the Secret Pro?
Email answers to: The winner is randomly “calculated” from all correct answers sent in before the next newsletter.

Upcoming Rides News:

Forms: Ride Entry Form, Lighting Rules, Reflective Vest Rules

Hippie Highway – Saturday Oct 7th 2017

This is the “Last Chance” to do the Hippie as a calendar ride. From next year it will only be available as a permanent. It’s not an easy ride & has never been completed as a calendar ride before. Let’s see what the weather dishes up this year.

If you’re like me, you organise your year every November according to the newly released Audax QLD Calendar. And you probably noticed the large hole in October where, after the Hippie Hwy, not much happened. However, this has since been filled with additional goodness with rides that are BA (un-sanctified by Paris) but non the lesser for that.

Upcoming Rides:

The Hippie Highway – Saturday Oct 7th 2017

Cruise the Hippie Highway and pedal your way back to simpler and more colourful times. Magnificent hinterland riding, with many ups and downs. Some lovely gravel roads to give riders the good vibrations, just like the good old days.

Start: Currumbin 6:30 AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/map: 300km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Paul Witzerman (0412 402 673 /

Mt Charlton Challenge – Saturday Oct 14th 2017

200km roll through the canefields and tropical coast of Mackay in North Queensland. Mostly on quiet to medium traffic rural roads. Up to 8km sections of unsealed road on the 200km route.

Start: Kay Court, North Mackay 5:00AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distance/Map: 200km BRM
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Peter Robertson (0497270621/

Every Which Way – Saturday Oct 14th 2017

These rides head into the Brisbane City via Logan road & the South East Bikeway. The 200km goes to Scarborough before returning over the Gateway bridge & the bayside suburbs. The 100km returns over the Gateway bridge & follows the Bulimba Creek bikepath. Find out just how long a route sheet can be.

I’m pretty sure this ride is based on a Clint Eastwood movie.

Start: Loganholme 6AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/maps: 100km, 200km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes (for 200k)
Contact: Peter Watson (07 3807 7816 /

Mangroves to Mountains – Sunday Oct 22nd 2017

Choice of distances – 50/100/150 km through undulating countryside. This ride is unsupported but the controls are at conveniently spaced coffee shops and bakeries.

Start: Brighton 7AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/maps: 50km, 100km, 150km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/No
Contact: Peter Jenkins (0407 149 375/

Broke Back Mountain – Saturday Oct 28th 2017

Scenic Ride out and Over the Bunya Mountains before returning back to Crows Nest Hilly. This is challenging: long stretches with no services and 6 sections of gravel (52 km) 2 litre hydration pack and food essential. Last ride of the Calendar!
Prepare to cuddle up guys, the Bunyas can get cold.

Start: Crows Nest (QLD) 6AM
Costs: $6 members / $16 non members
On-line rego: here
Distances/maps: 240km
Supported/Lighting Rules: No/Yes
Contact: Roger Hawley (07 332791225/
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