Registration Portal: here

The rider has to get agreement from the Ride Organiser when they want to ride a permanent then they register online using the portal (up until the night before the ride).

When a rider completes the registration they are emailed a PDF copy of the brevet that can be printed and used for the ride. On completion, scan or photograph the completed brevet and upload using the link provided in the registration email. You will be emailed a brevet number when processed by the Ride Organiser and Regional Brevet Secretary.

Some permanents are given below. For the complete list of >50 Qld permanent rides see the web site: under Regions>Queensland>Permanents.





River Loop 50k Brian Hornby
River Loop 100k Brian Hornby
Lumpy 1 or 2 100k Roger Hawley
Lumpy 1 or 2 200k Roger Hawley 1
Brisbane North
Fairly Flat Fifty 50k Peter Jenkins 1
Horizontal One Hundred 100k Peter Jenkins 1, 2
Sandgate- Scarborough 100k Peter Jenkins 1
PeachyMee 100k Brian Hornby
PeachyMee 200k Brian Hornby 1
Brisbane West
Gregors Creek Circuit 200k Raoul Dover
The Downs
Clifton 100k Pat Lehane
Cairns to Cooktown 300k Sean McGuinness 1