Queensland Flèche Opperman All Day Trial

The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial (or “The Oppy”) is a 24-hour team time trial held annually by Audax Australia. The Oppy is an event for teams of three to five bicycles. Each team must ride at least 360 km (you design your own route) in 24 hours. If you’re not up for 24 hours of riding, try the Petit Oppy (180 km in 14 hours). More details / rules here. If you want to ride, but don’t have a team, we will do the match-making. Contact any of the ROs below or: AudaxQLD@gmail.com

In 2019 in SEQ the Oppy will start at 8:00 am Saturday 23rd March; and finish 24 hrs later. In FNQ the Oppy will start on a different date: 8:00am 18th May. Is next year the year to get two Oppy Medallions? The three Oppy regional organisers and the finishing locations are:

SEQ Mark Riley St Lucia St Lucys for breakfast
FNQ Gayle Sticher Port Douglas
midQ Peter Robertson Mackay

In 2018 the SEQ Fleche Opperman finished at St Lucia for the first time, where it was great to celebrate with other teams and supporters. There were 5 Oppy and 2 Petit Oppy teams that successfully finished in SEQ, which together with the 2 Oppy and 3 Petit Oppy FNQ finishers, made it the biggest Oppy year Queensland has had. The weather was great on the day but the attrition was substantial on the pointy end; there was just enough wind to make conditions difficult for the two teams vying for the Queensland record. Of the nine riders in the two teams, only four finished: Koiled Crazies with three and the Flat Out Oppytunists with one. Congratulations to the Koiled Crazies who completed 560 km in a new Queensland record.

Koiled Crazies: Matthew Locker(c), Rachel Edwards, Michael Newell

Here are the teams in order of distance attempted:

Flat Out Oppytunists: Steve Powell(DNF), Rod Staines (c)(DNF), Nick Booth, Nick Burnett(DNF): 609k (2175m)

Koiled Crazies: Paul Newman(DNF), Michael Newell, Rachel Edwards, Matthew Locker (c), Matt Hickey(DNF): 560k (2018m)

Coasting North: Tony Pattison(c), Ken Dyson, Graham Jensen, Dave Wall: 507k

The Alternative: Tara Horner (c), Paul Witzerman, Brian Hornby: 416k (3299m)

Cairns Strava Crew: Warren Elliot (c), Andrew Morgan, Keith Mole: 366k
And if you think those jersey look purpose-made, you’d be right:

Downs Oppytunists: Scott McCarthy, Jonny Ayres, Peter Watson(c), Jeff Franklin, Raoul Dover: 363k (2676m)

S.O.F.T.: Helen Marson, Mark Riley, Ant Richardson (c), Mark Harris: 362k (2585m)

Team SLO: Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane, Kym Raffelt, George Row, Peter Jenkins (c): 361k (2037m)

Petit Oppys

Puffin’ Billies: Peter Whittle, Justin Bennett (c), Nick Hemmings, Jeremy Drice: 192k (1285m)

McOppies: David Booth, John McMullan (c), Ruth Brown, Darren Milczewski, Les O’Shea: 184k (953m)

Hawaii 5-0: Deb Gillespie (c), Brian Kittler, Drewe Burgess, Peter Kyriakides, Lloyd Stonage: 184k
And if you think those socks look purpose-made, you’d be right again:

Small and Dainty: Kim Christie (c), Mark Kerswell, Nola Kerswell, Zoe Kerswell, Jordan Seymour-Jones: 181k

The Waiters: Joe O’Dea (c), Bob Adams, Steve Kilpatrick, Rex Hutchinson: 181k

More info can be found on the Audax website.
Flèche Opperman page: here.
Tips & tricks: here
FAQ: here

The Oppy News Emails for 2018:
ONE #1, ONE #2, ONE #3, ONE #4, ONE #5


424 Cane Toad Express Dave Minter, Pedro Plowman, Andrew Row
In NSW; pre-Queensland Oppys.


500 The Brisbane Bonkers Gale Schaub, Dave Minter, Peter Brown, Andrew Row (photo)
In Victoria; pre-Queensland Oppys.


summary First year for Queensland Oppys
392 Team Two Up Kris Kersley, Ross Kersley, Jenelle Davies, Howard Davies, Andrew Wood, Paul McAntee, Glen Cannell, Mitch Carr (8 on a team? yes: 3 tandems, 2 singles) Qld record
377 Team SEQUENCE Gale Schaub, Lindsay Green, Peter Brown
370 Gusto Mark Spakshott, Dan Reid, Diana McPhee, Andrew McPhee, Nicole McPhee
366 Three Skinny Guys and a Fat Guy Rieks van Klinken, Ben Webb, Zane Cavinn, Daniel Farrelly


390 The Generation Gap Gale Schaub, Lindsay Green, Peter Brennan, Daniel Radford (youngest 16, oldest 64)
363 Warhorse Mark Sparshott, Laurie Handcock, Wayne Murray
363 Three Man & A Baby David Minter, Philip Rowley, Gary Beasley
361 Tan Dam Ross Kersley, Howard Davies, Janelle Davies, Tony Croke


400 THAB ‘97 Dave Minter, Kris Kersley, Wayne Murray
Qld record


401 Audax Queensland Gale Schaub, Richard Martin, Vaughan Kippers
Qld record


No QLD teams


360 Dave’s Dawdlers David Minter, Ben Wilson, Chris Jensen
360 Maslen’s Missing David Jones, John Gowty, Warren Whisson


360 Team QLD Howard Brandis, Margaret Wingett, Mark Jensen, Laurie Handcock


372 Howard’s Heros Howard Brandis, Debra Campell, Marc Coombs, Mark Jensen


401 Oppytunist David White, Christine White, Melonie de Jong, Errol Ross
372 Howard’s Heros Mark Jensen, Debbie Campbell, Joan Brown
360 Noel’s Nightriders Noel Newton, Brain Aston, Susan Lostroh, Paul Cribb


No QLD teams


366 3D David Minter, David Jones, Dino Morgante


No Oppy due to date change


385 Oppy on the Downs Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane, Errol Ross
367 Je Suis Fatigue Bruce Dodds, Catherine Johnson, David Minter, George Row


444 Against the Wind Alan Baker, David King, Pat Lehane
Qld record
412 The Southern Invaders Paul Cribb, Alex Murray, Martin Pearson, Lisa Turner
374 hOppyn’ Mad Michael Clare, Iain Cummings, Vaughan Kippers, David Minter, David Pacheco


367 ? David Minter, Elizabeth Pearson, Martin Pearson


360? Southern Invaders Lisa Turner, ?, ?
360? John’s Orphans John Fitter, ?, ?
182 Les Petits Canetoads Dino Morgante, Peter Jenkins, George Row, Sue May


469 Right Out of Control Brian Hornby, David King, Martin Pearson
Qld record
370 Team Slo Brendan Howard, James Pearson, Rodney Clarke
183 Miss Kitty and the Bearded Bikers Dino Morgante, Lawrence Hennelly, Peter Jenkins, Sue May


454 Keep the Pedals Turning Andrew Bragg, Christian Killen, Roger Hawley
369 S L Oppy Alexander Wall, Matthew Zaranski, Rupert Leigh
369 Quintessential Speed Turtles Dino Morgante, Michael Deed, Michael Waterson, Nick Burnett, Simon Faber
367 Fixed Oppynions Anthony Douglas, Martin Pearson, Stuart Dowell


403 Cyclonics Jenny Townley, Peter Robertson, Troy Forbes
403 Tropical Tailwind David Adams, Peter McCallum, Phillip Burnham
365 Four Decades Anne Latimer, Deb Aitchenson, Holli Linklater, Lynne James  Qld record
365 Just a Nice Day Out Andrew Gills, Dino Morgante, James Pearson, Martin Pearson, Rodney Clarke
361 KBC Bubble Blowers Ian Petherbridge, Kirsty Broun, Shane Graham, Simon Watt


407 Gym-wich Flat Trackers Andrew Keith, John Gowty, Melvyn Yap, Nick Burnett, Rodney Clarke
402 Captain Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen Gerry Egan, Rick Abraham, WilliamM, WimZ
368 Doctors and Nurses Rosie Godwin, Vaughan Kippers, Anne Latimer, Martin Pearson, Mark Riley
365 Out of our Depth Brett Kerwick, DanM, RobS, ShaunK, SimonP
363 The President’s Men Chris Ellis, Chris Groves, Brian Hornby, Anthony Richardson


500 A Pair of Nicks & Two Dicks Nick Burnett, Nick Fisk, Ant Richardson
Qld Record
365 Team SLO Peter Jenkins, Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane, Mark Riley
362 Cyclonics Jenny Townley, Peter Robertson, Phillip Burnham, Troy Forbes
184 Liz Hepple Coaching 1 Anne Latimer, Holli Linklater, Liz Hepple
184 Liz Hepple Coaching 2 Kailee Ng, Liz Nelson, Rosie Godwin


360 Bunya Bandits Brian Hornby, Chris Ellis, Ant Richardson, Mark Riley
365 Team SLO Ross Barnard, Kym Raffelt, Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane


528 Flat Out Oppytunists Nick Booth, Nick Burnett, Mark Riley, Rod Staines Qld Record
360 The Extremes Gayle Sticher, Paula Castle, Ian Church, Snowy Evans, Marina Harcot
180 Small N Dainty Kim Christie, Mark Kerswell, Nola Kerswell, Toby Kerswell, Jordan Seymour-Jones
184 Hawaii Four-O Deborah Gillespie, Peter Kyriakides, Brian Kittler, Lloyd Stonadge
191 Cassowary Coast Cyclones Jeff Coward, Steve Bryan, Matthew Wensley
185 Team Tailwind Michael Lee, Mary Ann Allen, Helius Visser, Heather Cochrane
197 Cairns Strava Crew Red Chad Elliott, Troy Furner, Christopher Clair
204 Cairns Strava Crew Blue Ben Smith, Nick Masasso, Campbell Smythe, Warren Elliott


560 Koiled Crazies Rachel Edwards, Matthew Locker(c), Michael Newell, Qld Record
507 Coasting North Ken Dyson, Graham Jensen, Tony Pattison(c), Dave Wall
416 The Alternative Brian Hornby, Tara Horner(c), Paul Witzerman
366 Cairns Strava Crew Warren Elliot(c), Keith Mole, Andrew Morgan
363 Downs Oppytunists Jonny Ayres, Raoul Dover, Jeff Franklin, Scott McCarthy, Peter Watson(c)
362 S.O.F.T Mark Harris, Helen Marson, Ant Richardson(c), Mark Riley
361 Team SLO Peter Jenkins(c), Vaughan Kippers, Pat Lehane, Kym Raffelt, George Row
192 Puffin’ Billies Peter Whittle, Justin Bennett (c), Nick Hemmings, Jeremy Drice
184 McOppies Ruth Brown, David Booth, John McMullan (c), Darren Milczewski, Les O’Shea
184 Hawaii 5-0 Drewe Burgess, Deb Gillespie(c), Brian Kittler, Peter Kyriakides, Lloyd Stonage
181 Small and Dainty Kim Christie(c), Mark Kerswell, Nola Kerswell, Zoe Kerswell, Jordan Seymour-Jones
181 The Waiters Bob Adams, Rex Hutchinson, Steve Kilpatrick, Joe O’Dea (c)

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