Queensland Ride Reports

Please send in any other ride reports that you may have (audaxqld@gmail.com).



01/01/17 Eleven Out of Eleven David Foster
14/01/17 Bedrock John McMullan
14/01/17 Bedrock (video) Audax Queensland
15/01/17 Colt 45 Gayle Stitcher
11/02/17 Horizontal 100 (perm) John McMullan
18/02/17 Esk at Night Liz Nelson
18/02/17 Esk at Night Rod Staines
18/02/17 Esk at Night Brian Hornby
5/03/17 Crepe Escape Gayle Sticher
9/04/17 Eight Tablelands Towns in a Day Gayle Sticher
14-16/04/17 Dirt Series 2017 Peter Jenkins
17/05/17 Fairly Flat Fifty (perm) Andrew Gills
20/05/17 Horizontal 100 (perm) Andrew Gills
03/06/17 Beach & Bush John McMullan
10/06/17 Sandgate – Scarborough 100 (perm) Andrew Gills
17/06/17 Frank’s Ride John McMullan
17/06/17 Frank’s Ride Peter Watson
24/06/17 Goat Track Gambol Peter Jenkins
15/07/17 MalenyMee 150 Vaughan Kippers
16/07/17 Get High on the Tablelands Gayle Sticher
21/07/17 Cairns to Cooktown (perm) Sean McGuinness

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